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Press release by the Syrian Mission to the United Nations

Monday, 09 October 2017
Syrian Mission to the United Nations
New york
  • The recent statements made by some US officials regarding the so-called “Syrian government's use of chemical weapons” are mere baseless allegations. It misleads the international community about the crimes committed by the terrorist groups in the Syrian Arab Republic, among which the use of chemical weapons.
  • The Syrian Arab Republic condemns the use of chemical weapons and all weapons of mass destruction. Their use is a crime against humanity that is unacceptable, immoral and unjustifiable, regardless of the surrounding circumstances.
  •  The Syrian Arab republic ratified the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production, Stockpiling and Use of Chemical Weapons (CWC) and on Their Destruction, and had implemented all its relevant commitments, while the United States of America, refuses to end its chemical stockpiles until 2023!
  • The Syrian Arab Republic reaffirms once again its position on the importance of establishing of a zone free of all weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East, and to that end the Syrian government is working tirelessly to achieve this goal, which has been impeded primarily by the United States and Israeli.
  • The accusations and allegations of the permanent representative of the United States are part of the political blackmail that now systematically accompanies every success of the Syrian army and its allies as they fight terrorism everywhere on the Syrian territories.
  • The permanent representative of the United States claims to care for the live of the Syrian people, while the so-called "international coalition" led by the United States admitted last week only the killing of 735 Syrian civilians (called by the American military: “Collateral damages”!), mostly women and children.
  •  The United States obstructed the visit of the UN Joint Investigation Mechanism “JIM” and the Fact-Finding Mission “FFM” of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) to Shayrat Airbase and Khan Shaykhun to cover up its premeditated crime of aggression against Shayrat Airbase.
  • The Syrian Government reiterates once again that it is imperative to the “JIM” and the “FFM” to visit Khan Shykhon, in order to conduct a credible investigation on the ground.
  •  The Syrian Government is fully cooperating with the JIM, and expects that its   conclusion will be comprehensive, objective and an impartial based on solid evidence and credible information far of the falsification presented by “false witnesses” and “NGOs” affiliated with the terrorist armed groups and the so-called open sources.
  •   The Syrian Government reaffirms its determination to eradicate terrorism throughout all the Syrian territories, while stressing that the solution to the crisis in Syria is a political one based exclusively on intra-Syrian dialogue, under Syrian leadership and without external intervention or preconditions.

9 October 2017