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the Fourth World Speakers of Parliament

Monday, 31 August 2015

H. E. Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of UN;

Mr. Saber Chowdhury; President of the Inter-Parliamentary Union;


Distinguished attendance

I greet you from the land of Sham; the cradle of Christianity and Islam, which issued to the world its language and the values ​​of coexistence between civilizations and religions over seven thousand years. I greet you with the peace of Islam and the love of Christianity. Greetings from an Arabic, Assyrian, Kurdish, Turkoman, Ayazdi, Armenian and Circassian, that carried the message of Syrian brotherhood to all mankind.

I came bearing in my heart and my mind the voice of the Syrian people, who has slaughtered twice; once by the hands of terrorism, and once by your silence at the complicity of some countries that support this killer takfiri terrorism. The patient and steadfast Syrian people in the face of terrorism appeals to you today to wake up before it is too late, to stop this terrorist madness before it sweeps the world. Stop this terrorist war that managed with terrorist tools of takfiri terrorist groups and jihadists, who were mobilized from more than 83 countries in the world to hit and destruct the Syrian State and displace its people.

Dear Colleagues,

Some of the world's governments have thought that its support to terrorists and takfiri groups can achieve their plans to undermine the authority in Syria and change the regime there. However, all what they have achieved, unfortunately - is thousands of our innocent Syrian people killed and destroying a lot of infrastructure and spreading chaos and terrorism in the world. They failed to break the will of life and steadfastness of the Syrian people.

Today, we see that the world began to feel the danger is coming. It began to talk about the priority of fighting terrorism recognizing the dangers of the spread of terrorism to Europe and other regions of the world. This recognition came after the crimes of terrorist organizations emerged against the demographic and social diversity in both Syria and Iraq, the displacement, the destruction of cultural heritage, and the mass slaughters in front of camera lens with professional directing.

However, the international response to the fight against terrorism remained limited and subject to wrong accounts and policies. The positions of Western and some neighboring countries remained far from the real commitment of implementing the UN Security Council resolution starting with 1373 (2001) to the resolutions 2170 and 2178 (2014).

Therefore, we reiterate our call on the parliaments and governments of the world from the pulpit of this international organization to take a serious and responsible attitude to face this high tide of takfiri terrorism in order to protect the future of our people and children from the bombers of human bodies, Livers' eaters and heads' cutters, not only in Syria but also in the whole world. What is happening in Syria and Iraq can reach to your own, unless we have the real will and a sincere desire to work together to fight terrorism and uproot it.

Dear Colleagues,

Fighting terrorism is a Syrian priority, and it should be a regional and international one, and as an entry point for a political solution in Syria based on a national charter and the formation of consensus national government and the return of displaced and refugees to the country.

Dear Colleagues,

To speak about peace, development and democracy should start from a golden rule; there is no peace or development nor democracy with chaos, terrorism and wars. Whenever the chaos existed, war lunched and terrorism spread the peoples mourned democracy and lost the development they have achieved. Likewise has happened in my country, Syria, which has lost what it had achieved over decades of economic, health and educational development.

Dear Colleagues,

 We will not contribute in peace support when we stand watching some States and Governments as they are financing and arming terrorist groups that destabilize regional and international peace in Syria and Iraq. Unless we put an end to that, the world peace will stay on the edge of the blast. Development paths will remain hostage to the gun and car bombs, and democracy will remain a luxury case to peoples looking for a living and secure housing.

Finally, I thank the Inter-Parliamentary Union for organizing this meeting.

In addition, I thank the Speakers of friendly parliaments and regional parliamentary organizations for their efforts to open channels of communication in order to exchange ideas about the available options to help the Syrian people to overcome the ordeal. We hope to expand this cooperation in the fight against terrorism at all levels.

Peace, mercy and blessings of Allah