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Dr. Bashar Al Jaafari Statement-Security Council on Situation in Middle East

Friday, 28 October 2016
Dr. Bashar Al Jaafari
Security Council

Al-Jaafari, during a UN Security Council session to discuss situation in Aleppo on Wednesday, criticized that talks on what is called east Aleppo and west Aleppo, emphasizing that “we will not allow the repetition of the old and painful scenario which was speaking about East and West Beirut,”

He slammed the stances of some countries, which shed crocodile tears on Aleppo city and before it on Daraya in Damascus countryside and al-Waer neighborhood in Homs and others, while they deliberately ignore the violation of the simplest provisions of the international law in the region by some countries, mainly Turkey, Saudi Arabia , Qatar, the Unites States and France, and Israel.

He said ” The representatives of some countries, who have just left the hall escaping their responsibilities, ignored the main reason for the painful deterioration of the situation in Syria in general and in Aleppo in particular,’ al-Jaafari said.

He accused those countries of escaping their responsibilities in maintaining the international security and peace. “It is deplorable that those countries continue to name the terrorists, who are using civilians as human shield, as moderate armed opposition in a flagrant provocation of the provisions of the international law,” the Syrian Envoy went on to say.

Al-Jaafari said that those countries ignored that the armed terrorist groups are the main reason of undermining the Russian-American agreement in Aleppo in September 9 as the Syrian Government has committed to the cessation of hostilities agreement, while the armed terrorist groups have exploited it to regroup and bring gunmen and military arms from that countries that shed crocodiles tears on the suffering of people in Aleppo.

Holding Erdogan-Saudi and Qatari regimes-linked armed terrorist groups and the foreign armed terrorists responsible for what is happening in the city of Aleppo, al-Jaafari touched upon the photos and samples of the new arms sent to the so-called ‘moderate opposition’ in the east of Aleppo, including US-made rockets, to shell west Aleppo.

He continued that those countries ignore to identify those who are responsible for the suffering of Aleppo locals who suffer from the lack of water, medicine, food and electricity, and particularly the water as the water pump is under the control of terrorists, indicating that the terrorists and the so-called” international coalition” are the ones who prevent Aleppo locals from obtaining water and electricity.

Al-Jaafari indicated that the terrorist groups which use the locals as human shields have worked on undermining this process as eight corridors were opened, six of which for evacuating civilians and two for the exit of gunmen not as the US and the British representatives said.

Al-Jaafari affirmed that the Syrian Government rejects the selective approach of these states which only talk about the situations in the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo and about certain areas, indicating that Syria as a whole is suffering from a Wahhabi terrorism backed by the regimes of well-known states, on top of which Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and “Israel”.

He indicated that the Syrian Government reiterates its firm stance which is represented by that any solution to the crisis in Syria should be through political means and should be based on an inter-Syrian dialogue and under a Syrian leadership without any foreign interference or any preconditions.

He added that the political track should be in line with the track of combating terrorism which will continue till eliminating all the armed terrorist groups in Syria.

Al-Jaafari wondered how some states claim that they are fighting terrorism while they spread misleading and false news on the ongoing military operations in Syria, and how they can fight terrorism in a time when they depend on terrorists as sources of this information.

He affirmed that the battel of liberating Mosul and all the territories of Iraq from terrorism is the battel of Syria and its army and that the Iraqi Government has the right to completely liberate Mosul City as the Syrian Government has the right to completely liberate Aleppo from the same terrorism.

He wondered why the military operation in Iraq is backed while the current military operation in Aleppo is hindered, and why humanitarian corridors are opened for the exit of the ISIS terrorist from Mosul towards Raqqa City in Syria and why they don’t shell the convoys of terrorists which are leaving Mosul and head for Raqqa by the so-called “International coalition”.

Al-Jaafari continued that the Syrian people are the ones who are paying the price of that drama which must end and that all the Security Council’s member states should shoulder their responsibilities in preserving the international peace and security.