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Condolences on Ambassador Vitaly Churkin’s passing

Tuesday, 21 February 2017
Permanent Mission of Syria


   On behalf of the Syrian Government and people , the permanent mission of the Syrian Arab Republic to the UN , with deep sorrow and sadness, expresses condolences to the Government, people and permanent mission of the Russian Federation, and to his family , for the shocking pass away of his  excellency the permanent Representative of the Russian Federation Ambassador Vitaly  Churkin.

       Ambassador Churkin defended the charter of the United Nations and the principles of the international Law by the strength of Law ,not by the Law of strength , and that made him a rare cresset and an example in the records of the UN .

     Syria and the Syrian people will forever remember Ambassador Churkin,  when he ,on the 4th of October 2011 , raised his hand to register the first veto in the security council against a western draft resolution which was aiming to bloodshed in Syria.

     Ambassador Churkin was not only an extraordinary ambassador , but he was, in addition , a great statesman who befitted the Greatness of the Russian Federation and the special relations between Moscow  and Damascus.

     We pray for the peace of his soul , and express  condolences to his Family , and we share the sorrow with them.

     We wish the Russian people and Government patience to overcome this ordeal.


                                                                                                         On behalf of Ambassador

                                                                                                               Bashar Ja’afari