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Registration of Birth

Application instructions

1. An application for registration of a birth must be made within 03 months of the birth. If the application is made after 03 months, the reason for the delay should be given in writing when making the application.

  • a . The father or Mother of the child should be a citizen of Sri Lanka at the time of birth.
  • b. Child’s birth may be registered in Sinhala/Tamil/English. The preferred  language should be indicated.
  • c . The father or mother of the child may make the application for registration of birth which should be made in duplicate.

2. To register the birth of a child born to Sri Lankan Nationals, the following three forms must be submitted.

  • a. Application for Registration of a Birth outside Sri Lanka. (Citizenship 1 Form).
  • b. Declaration of Birth under Section 16. (if within 03 months).  (Registration B-4 Form) or Declaration of Birth under Section 24.   (Registration B-6 Form).  (Applicant’s Signature should be notarized. Stamps are not necessary)
  • c. Declaration of Citizenship of the father as per specimen attached. (Signature  should be notarized.)

3. These three forms should be submitted along with the originals of the following documents.

  1. The Birth Certificate issued by the Competent Authority in the country of the birth of the child
  2.  Passports of father and mother. (With proof of valid visa or Green Card)
  3.  Marriage Certificate of the parents.
  4.  Birth Certificates of father and mother (English translations will not be accepted as originals).
  5. Consular fees for Registration of birth
    • Registration of birth    – $ 25.00
    • Citizenship certificate – $ 50.00
    • Surcharge for applications delayed more than one year           – $5.00 per year
    • Endorsement of child’s name on one of the parents passports – $10.00

4. If the return of the documents is desired by Mail, applicants in the USA may choose one of the following options and make payment with the application fee:

  • Federal Express             – $ 40.00
  • US Postal Express mail – $ 36.00
  • International mailing fee – $ 70.00

Fees should be paid by Cash (only if application is hand delivered). The Money Orders or Certified Cheques made in favour of “Permamnent Mission of Sri Lanka, to the United Nations, New York”.

Please note that personal cheques will not be accepted.

Please click here for application


i.         This Embassy is not responsible for any document lost in the post.
ii.        Submission of forged documents and making false declarations relating to
 citizenship is a punishable offence. Fees will not be refunded in these circumstances.
iii.       Incomplete applications will be rejected.