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Sri Lanka chocolate features prominently at Le Salon du chocolat at the United Nations in New York

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

The Permanent Mission of Sri Lanka to the UN participated at the popular Le Salon du Chocolat (II) event organized by the Arab Ladies at the UN together with the Permanent Mission of Dominica. The event was held at the United Nations Head Quarters in New York, with all proceeds from the sale of chocolates (through a system of coupons) being donated to support the island of Dominica devastated by hurricane Maria in September 2017.  

Sri Lanka was one of about 14 countries including Belgium, Algeria, Morocco, Bulgaria and Pakistan featured at an event held on 14 February 2018. The Sri Lanka table featured local chocolates from leading local manufacturers in various forms, including hot chocolate drinks, chocolate cookies, chocolate biscuits, slabs, bars etc., and also displayed posters and brochures promoting tourism. The colorful stall was an instant hit attracting a stream of guests that included a large number of ambassadors, diplomats and New Yorkers, resulting in all the local Sri Lankan chocolates on display being sold out by the end of the two hour event.

DJ Carlos who was hired for the occasion, played Sri Lanka favorites such as Indunil Gangulal, Yanna Rata Wate and Midule Weli Maligawae. The event also featured various artistes including Sid Chidiac the renowned chocolate painter from Algeria who displayed a fabulous array of portraits entirely in chocolate, renowned singers from Bulgaria and Finland, and Sri Lankan expatriate Guru Calai Chandrashekaram who performed an evocative Bharatha Natyam dance exploring the soul's yearning to unite with the divine spirit.

The Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Dominica thanked Sri Lanka and the other states for participating in this charity event to benefit the victims of the devastating hurricane in her tiny nation.  

This event provided a unique opportunity not only to showcase Sri Lanka’s high standard of chocolate and chocolate based confectionary and to demonstrate the diversity of our export market, but also to continue to brand Sri Lanka as a nation of many parts that will not hesitate to come to the aid of another member state affected by natural disasters.     

Participation at Salon du Chocolat II serves as part of a series of events this Mission has been organizing to celebrate Sri Lanka’s seventieth anniversary of Independence.