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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

23 September 2014, New York 

Mr. Chair,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are gathered here today to confirm anew our strong determination and political leadership in declaring specific actions to address climate challenges. 
I believe we are at a tipping point. 
No one country is immune to climate change. Even my country - Mongolia, which has an extraordinarily friendly livelihood and tradition to live in harmony with nature - is suffering a lot because of climate change. 
The climate change issue is no longer a science fiction. It is no longer a science debate. 
The climate change has become a real life issue. If you still have doubts whether climate change is happening or not - come to Mongolia. 
Ask herdsmen "is climate change happening?" Our herdsmen will give you a true answer. They already told me "It is happening, and happening for real". 
Mr. Chair, 
Yesterday I was at Columbia University at the round-table on climate change.
One expert on climate change said that if global warming exceeds 2 degrees Celsius, the disaster that may have happened once in a million year might happen every year. 
For example: 
- Can we afford 1500 airplane crashes everyday? Can we afford that? 
- The super typhoon Haiyan happening every week in every country? Can we afford that? 
- The Fukushima disaster happening every month in every country? Can we afford that? 
No, we can't. 
I think - one disaster of Fukushima is too many.
I think - one Haiyan typhoon left too many victims. 
I think - one loss of MH 17 flight is still too many for us, for the whole humanity.

These disastrous and destructive things leave behind thousands of lost life, thousands, if not millions, destroyed livelihoods. These thousands or millions are not just numbers. They are real lives, they are our neighbors, our sisters and brothers, our fellow human beings. 
I think even one life lost because of these dangers - is too precious. 
Our mother Earth - she has been living in peace and harmony for the last 11000 years. At the end of these 11000 years of her life, are we going to toss our Mother Earth? 
The Mother Earth is too precious, too young and too beautiful to toss. 
Our planet Earth is too unique, it is only One of its kind as we know so far. 
Only one of its kind - as your mother, as my mother, as our mother - can we afford to lose her? No, no way. This is unthinkable. 
A single report on global warming is too scary. How about hundreds of events, facts or reports on climate change? We already have enough of it. 
You think that climate change is too slow to be stopped? I think it is becoming too fast to be stopped. Too disastrous to be afforded. 

I think our planet is becoming too dangerous to live. 
We, the human family, are running out of time. But we cannot run out of our Planet Earth. 
We have to save it. We have to act now. 
Two days ago the Secretary-General of the United Nations marched in New York for a wake-up call for climate change. 
The newly appointed Peace Envoy Mr. Leonardo di Caprio - the wolf of the Wall Street - cried out for the danger of climate change. These are very symbolic. They and many others acted very timely. 
The climate change is created by us, by me, by you. Are we going to leave our children, grandchildren to the hands of this monster? No.
Let us act together. 
Mr. Chair, 
Your Excellencies Heads of State and Governments, 
Every reasonable citizen, 
Let us act together. Let us act now.