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Doing business with Mongolia

Situated strategically between Russia and China, Mongolia not only offers domestically a growing cosmopolitan market but also presents tremendous export opportunities for foreign investors in a number of sectors.

Comparative advantages that Mongolia offers to you:

Rich, yet unexploited natural resources

Vast territory and pastures, large quantity of livestock

Bordering on immense markets of the two largest countries – Russia and China, with each of which it enjoys good relations and most-favored-nation treatments

Proximity to the rapidly developing markets of the Asia-Pacific region

In terms of human resources, Mongolia is a young nation with a relatively healthy and well-educated population

Pursues open economic policy

Growing interest at the global market in ecologically pure products places Mongolia in a unique competitive position in sectors such as food processing (in particular meat processing), agriculture, eco tourism among others. At the same time, a number of "traditional" sectors also possess very strong competitive features. They include oil exploration, coal production, gold mining & gold refining, rare earth mining, leather garments, cashmere & camel wool, garments.


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The consideration is underway to privatize most significant government enterprises and it offers major opportunities for foreign investors in sectors such as energy, fuel export and import, telecom, solar energy, wind turbines, hydroelectric schemes. 

For more information, please visit https://www.mongoliatradeportal.gov.mn/