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H.E. Sukhbold Sukhee, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary and Permanent Representative of Mongolia to the United Nations

H.E. Sukhbold Sukhee, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary and Permanent Representative of Mongolia to the United Nations


Date of Birth:                           30 October 1976

Place of Birth:                          Orhontuul soum, Selenge Province, Mongolia


Educational history:               

1984-1994                               1st High School, Sukhbaatar city, Selenge Province 

1995-1999                               Bachelor of Public International Law Moscow’s Institute /University/ of International Relations,                                                               Moscow, Russian Federation

2002                                        Course for Younger Diplomats, Clengendeal Institute of International Relations, Netherland

2004-2006                               Master of Business Administration, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia

January-April 2008                International Investment Law Course for Diplomats accredited to the United Nations, New York                                                             University, School of Law, New York, USA

March 2008                            25th Annual Seminar on International Humanitarian Law for Diplomats Accredited to the United                                                            Nations, ICRC and New York University, School of Law, New York

October 2008                          Training Seminar on the Universal Periodic Review, OHCHR, UNHQ, New York, USA

April 2009                               Training workshop on Effective Public Speaking and Presentation Skills, UNITAR and Law School of                                                    Yale University, New York

April 2009                               Seminar on International Treaty Law and Practice, UNITAR, UNHQ, New York

February, 2010                       Diplomat’s course, Cairo, Egypt

May, 2014                              KOICA, Singapore Cooperation Program on human resource management and governance,                                                                Singapore, ROK                                                

Employment history:                        

1999                                        Attaché, Department of International Organization, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mongolia

2000-2004                               Attaché, Department of Legal and Consular Affairs, MFA

2002-2004                               Member, Joint-Committee on checking of the state borders between Mongolia and the People’s                                                           Republic of China

2006- 2007                              Third secretary, Law and Treaty Department, MFA

2007                                        Delegation of the Government of Mongolia to the 62nd session of the General Assembly of the UN,                                                     UNHQ, New York, USA

2007-2010                               Second Secretary, Permanent Mission of Mongolia to the United    Nations

2010-2012                               Deputy Director, Department of Public Administration and Management, Ministry of Foreign Affairs                                                       and Trade

2012                                        Acting Director, Treaty and Law Department, MFAT

2012-2015                               Director, Department of Public Administration and Management

July 2015-present                   Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary and Permanent Representative of Mongolia to the                                                        United Nations

Other professional experience:

2000                                        Secretary, the Working group on drafting the Law on Diplomatic Services

2001-2002                               Secretary, the Task Force on amendments to the Law on Value Added Tax of Mongolia

2002-2004                               Secretary, the Working group on accession and ratification of the Rome Statute of the International                                                     Criminal Court    

2006-2007                               Secretary, the Task Force on review and appraisal of the implementation of the Law on Nuclear-                                                         Weapons-Free Status of Mongolia

2004-2007                               Mongolian Delegation to the Inter-Governmental Asia-Pacific Consultation on Refugees and Displaced                                                  Persons /China, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam/

June-December 2014              National consultant for preparation of the report on Universal Periodic Review on Human Rights                                                            Council, United Nations, UN Resident Coordinator’s Office

Activities in civil, public and international affairs:

2006-present                           Member, Executive Board of the Mongolian Cricket Association

2012-present                           Executive Director, MGIMO-Mongol, NGO

Research and study papers:

2007-2008                               Research paper on basic reason of increase of world food prices and further consequences

                                                Research paper on study of developing countries how to use natural resources

                                                Research paper on foreign direct investment agreement

2008                                        Research paper on financial crisis in the United States

2009-2010                               Paper work on Universal Periodic Review on Human Rights

                                                Paper work on the establishment of state’s budget stabilizing fund

Language skills:                      English, Russian, French /un peu/


Welcome to the website of the Permanent Mission of Mongolia to the United Nations!


The primacy of the UN as the world's most universal and legitimate international organization and a political center for global cooperation is indisputable.


Multilateral engagement in the UN system is one of the fundamental pillars of Mongolia’s foreign policy. Since becoming a UN member in 1961, Mongolia has been active across all the three main pillars of the UN, i.e. development, peace and security, and human rights. Constructive participation in the sessions of the General Assembly is at the heart of this policy. Mongolia has initiated and is the main sponsor of GA resolutions on a wide range of critical issues, such as the challenges facing landlocked developing countries, cooperatives in social development, the improvement of the situation of women in rural areas, UN Literacy Decade, support by the UN system of the efforts of Governments to promote and consolidate new or restored democracies, the 800th Anniversary of Mongolian Statehood, Mongolia’s international security and nuclear weapon-free status. We take an active part in the negotiations on the Security Council reform.


The main menu of our website reflects the priorities of Mongolia’s multilateral engagement in the UN which are socio-economic issues, including MDGs, promoting the interests of landlocked developing countries, social development, as well as UN peacekeeping, democracy, disarmament and non-proliferation.


The UN is one of our major partners in achieving national Millennium Development Goals. We have an intense and enduring cooperation with the UN agencies, funds and programmes, including its Development Programme, Children’s Fund, Population Fund, Human Settlements Programme etc. A valuable partnership is being developed with the newly established UN Women.


Mongolia advocates the interests of landlocked developing countries in the UN and beyond. In 2009, it initiated the establishment of an International Think Tank for the Landlocked Developing Countries.


Mongolia’s participation in UN peacekeeping operations (PKO) is an essential part of its contribution to the maintenance of international peace and security. We are currently participating in 7 UN mandated PKOs.   


Democracy consolidation is another priority area of our cooperation. Mongolia is the first country in the world to adopt an additional Millennium Development Goal Nine (MDG9) on “Fostering Democratic Governance and Strengthening Human Rights and Zero-Tolerance to Corruption”. We served on the Advisory Board of the UN Democracy Fund. Under the project implemented together with the UNDP to follow up on the activities of the 5th International Conference of New or Restored Democracies (ICNRD-5), Mongolia formulated a National Plan of Action to consolidate democracy and developed nationally-owned Democratic Governance Indicators.

I hope that you will find this site a helpful tool in learning more about Mongolia’s multilateral engagement in the United Nations. We are proud to be at its forefront.