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UAE Commemoration Day

Wednesday, 30 November 2016
Mr. Jamal AlMusharakh, Deputy Permanent Representative
UAE Mission


We meet today to mark the UAE’s second annual Commemoration Day. On this important national occasion, we observe a moment of silence in honour and respect for our martyrs. We stand to express our pride and gratitude for all the sacrifices made by our armed forces and by the members of the Ministry of Interior and National Defense who gave their lives for the sake of our nation and built the foundations of security and safety in the United Arab Emirates and for all those who live there. 


As you may recall, the UAE has survived a critical period in its history, which has solidified the unity and resilience of its people and strengthened the values of loyalty and sacrifice, demonstrating the greatest examples of cohesion and solidarity between the UAE leadership and its people.


Our martyrs are a source of pride and inspiration for present and future generations, and their sacrifice is an honourable model for patriotism and loyalty to our nation. It is an inspiration to all of us to work towards fostering the stability of our nation and moving forward with the process of building and development.