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Questions Relating to Information

Tuesday, 18 October 2016
Mr. Mohamed Ahmed AlAli
United Nations



Mr. Chairman,

I am pleased at the outset to express my thanks to the Department of Information for its report and tireless efforts that contribute to strengthening the values of the United Nations on a global scale, and for shedding light on many important issues, including peace and security, climate change, sustainable development, and the migration crises.


Mr. Chairman,

Mass communication and social media play an important and pivotal role in establishing the concepts of co-existence between peoples, and consolidating links between them, for these methods have the ability to influence public opinion and reach a wide range of audience. In this context, it is necessary to continue to develop the efforts and services provided by the Department of Information especially the dissemination of global awareness, engaging the public, sharing knowledge, and building partnerships.


The role of the Department of Information is becoming increasingly valuable, especially considering that the world is currently facing fierce attacks from extremist and terrorist groups that utilize modern technology to spread hatred, violence and racism, and the recruitment of foreign terrorist fighters. This situation requires the setting up of centers and media outlets to reveal the lies of these groups, and provide a platform for moderate voices that reject terrorist practices. Thus, my country is working in cooperation with the United States on combating counter-messaging published by “Daesh,” through Sawab Center. In this context, the UAE commends the efforts of the Department of Information in the field of counter-terrorism, including the design of a new web platform that serves as an online hub linking the key United Nations entities working on counter-terrorism.


My country also applauds the activities undertaken by the department within the special information program on the question of Palestine, including the organizing of its annual International Media Seminar on Peace in the Middle East. We further stress the need to strengthen and intensify such activities that raise awareness on the Palestinian issue and the situation in the Middle East, and uncover the facts related to the suffering of the Palestinian people in light of the Israeli violations of the principles of human rights and UN resolutions.


The UAE welcomes the growing role of the Department of Information in highlighting and promoting the activities of the United Nations. There is no doubt that the Department of Information’s media coverage of international events and various activities related to these issues and in a variety of ways have contributed to reaching new audiences on a wider scale. In this context, the UAE stresses the importance of translating all UN publications including books, reports, news and public releases in all of the six official languages of the UN, and in a timely manner, to facilitate its dissemination across the majority of the members of society. We also affirm the importance of strengthening the United Nations’ message and values among Arab communities by continuing to expand and develop the Arabic language services for all of the activities and programs of the Department of Information.


Mr. Chairman,

In closing, the UAE stresses the importance of fact checking by the Office of the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General before making any statements that might be false and lead to unreasonable and reversed results.


Thank you,