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Hessa M. Alateibi

Hessa M. Alateibi


Ms. Hessa M. Al Ateibi is a Third Secretary at the Permanent Mission of the United Arab Emirates to the United Nations since July 2016. She holds a master degree in diplomacy and international affairs from Zayed University, and completed a series of executive diplomatic training programs in a number of reputable academic institutions, including the Clingendael Institute and London Business School. 

Ms. Al Ateibi is in charge of the Second Committee of the UN General Assembly and follows up on the following issues: sustainable development (SDGs), humanitarian assistance, foreign aid, refugees and migrants. She chaired negotiations on the resolution entitled “The role of diamonds in fueling conflict” during the 71st Session of the General Assembly with 193 countries, which led to the adoption of the resolution successfully in February 2017. In the 72nd Session of the General Assembly, Ms. Al Ateibi was elected Vice-President of the 2017 UN Pledging Conference for Development Activities.

Work History: 

Prior to her present post, Ms. Al Ateibi was working as a senior specialist in international economic organizations at the Department of Economic Affairs of the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MOFAIC) since July 2014. She was also a member of the National Committee for the Study of FTA, and represented MOFAIC in all FTA negotiations with Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC) and other UAE trade partners. She was also a member of the Trade Facilitation Taskforce. Ms. Al Ateibi worked on different national, regional and international levels in representing the UAE position in GCC countries, the Arab League, OIC, ACD, IORA and WTO organizations regarding various multilateral financial and development issues. She also followed up on the UAE commitments made in these international forums.

Ms. Al Ateibi started her career in the diplomatic corps in July 2012 by joining the American Affairs Department as a political country analyst until July 2014. During that time, Ms. Al Ateibi contributed to organizing “The Abu Dhabi Forum on the Prospects for the Future Relations Between the Arab World & Latin America”, which focused on cultural diplomacy. She was also a team member of the Organizing Committee of the First Ministerial Meeting of the Arab league and South American countries, which led to the issuance of “Abu Dhabi Declaration”.

Additionally, Ms. Al Ateibi worked on some publications, such as “OECD & UAE: Overview, Assessment of Benefits and Possible Collaboration Options” published by MOFAIC, and the conference paper entitled: ‘Decline of Oil Prices in GCC: Causes & Impact” issued by Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi.

Ms. Al Ateibi received the Award of Excellence from Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, in February 2017 for being an outstanding diplomat.   

Post Title: 
Second Committee - Refugee and Migrants - Humanitarian issues and Foreign Aid, Sustainable Development Goals
Description of Duty: 
Third Secretary