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President's Message


Dear citizens, dear friends,

Since my election in 1999 to assume the supreme post in our country, I have never been diverted from my one and only ambition: guiding my fellow citizens on the road of development and prosperity. Never did I doubt the ability of the Djiboutians, men and women, to mobilize their energies in order to start together a new era of progress for the whole nation. I have always been motivated by the firm conviction that political will, when in the service of the people, can accomplish substantial social and economic achievements, by gradually overcoming the difficulties and creating a climate of confidence and optimism.

It has now become evident that the different reforms and the road map introduced by the Government have created a dynamism of confidence which has propelled our economy and thus our national development.

Our country is based on diversity and tolerance, and this is reflected in our diplomacy. Djibouti has always opted for cordial and amicable understanding amongst nations and for peaceful coexistence. On the regional as well as the international levels, we have always championed and worked towards a logic of peace, calling constantly for peaceful solutions to all disputes. For this, we have always preferred a multilateral approach giving credibility and legitimacy to the international community and consequently to the United Nations. Whether within the framework of the Arab League, African Union, the Islamic Conference or the league of the French speaking countries, Djibouti prides itself of promoting universal peace, democracy and justice values.

Djibouti, whose achievement sin terms of stability and security are now taken as reference in the region, is in the process of becoming an essential link in the economic globalization. Its crossroad location, at the intersection of three continents, is being further reinforced through quality investments in the transport, telecommunication and logistics sectors. The fact that internationally renowned companies are coming to our free zone means that our aspiration to become a hub for exchange of goods is becoming a concrete reality. The boom witnessed in the banking sector is a further indicator evidencing the new economic shape of the country. Such investments, and many other ones, whether in the small industry sector or in the primary sector, are the precursor of jobs and sustained development so much ne3ded by our citizens. Under its volunteering policy through the national initiative for social development, the Government will see to that growth returns are channeled toward the reduction of poverty. Our decentralization policy will be a determining factor in this struggle for improving the life conditions of our citizens.

Our development will benefit to all members of our nation, and as such we shall remain faithful to our ideals of unity, equality and peace. It by remaining true to our core values and our hospitality, generosity and solidarity culture that we can be proud of our identity in a world subjected to cultural standardization.