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NYPM A-10-2012



NEW YORK, NY 28 September 2012 Foreign Ministers of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), including the Philippines’ Secretary of Foreign Affairs Albert del Rosario met with their counterpart United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to discuss wide-ranging issues, including regional peace, stability and security, the peaceful settlement of disputes and maritime issues.

In a statement following the meeting held at the sidelines of the 67 th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), Secretary del Rosario, who heads the Philippine delegation to the UNGA described the discussions as “constructive” and these talks “significantly touched on key issues of mutual concern for the Philippines, its neighbors and the United States.”

“The discussions during the meeting emphasized “the need to secure stability in the region, the peaceful settlement of disputes and other maritime issues.” The holding of the meeting in the Mission were very relevant, given the realities in Southeast Asia and in the larger East Asian region” said Secretary del Rosario.

In her introductory statement, Secretary Clinton reaffirmed the United States’ commitment to the Asia Pacific region and underscored that “We want to work with all of you to build a stable and just regional order that will benefit every nation.”

Clinton clarified that this “means supporting mature and effective institutions that can mobilize common action and settle disputes peacefully. It means working toward rules and norms that help manage relations between peoples, markets, and nations and safeguard universal rights. And it means establishing security arrangements that provide stability and build trust.”

On maritime security, Clinton said that the United States looked forward to the “Expanded ASEAN maritime forum next week in Manila on October 5. All 18 East Asia Summit states have been invited for in-depth discussions on how to improve safety on the region’s waterways, combat piracy, protect the environment, and we are encouraged by the recent informal dialogue between ASEAN and China as they work toward a comprehensive code of conduct for the South China Sea as a means to prevent future tension in the region.”

Secretary del Rosario said that both the 1 st Expanded Forum and the 3 rd ASEAN Maritime Forum in Manila will “serve as an opportunity to discuss cross-sectoral cooperation on regional maritime issues.” END




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