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NYPM 31-2011

30 JUNE 2011


30 June 2011 United Nations, New York More than 200 guests attended the reception hosted by Philippine Permanent Representative to the United Nations Ambassador Libran N. Cabactulan which capped the month-long commemoration of the 113 years of Philippine independence and which signaled the deep positive engagement of the Philippines with the international community.

Expressing his elation over the attendance from Permanent and Observer Missions and offices and agencies of the United Nations, Ambassador Cabactulan said that “The Philippines is committed to building greater peace, progress and prosperity for the world and its peoples. This latest demonstration of support and goodwill from other countries and the UN shows the strong partnerships we have established since we joined the UN as a founding member in 1945.”

“We will continue to do our part to ensure that the Philippines’ remains positively engaged with the world community as we pursue the goals we share with the rest of the world,” added Ambassador Cabactulan.

Throughout the month of June, the Permanent Mission of the Philippines likewise participated in events commemorating the 113 th anniversary of the Proclamation of Philippine Independence, including the grand parade on Madison Avenue on June 5 th and the flag raising ceremony at the Philippine Center on June 12 th.

The United Nations Staff Recreation Council – Philippine Cultural Society (UNSRC-PCS), on the other hand, also organized a cultural presentation entitled “Kulturang Pilipino: Noon at Ngayon”on June 24 th.

Held at the Philippine Center’s Kalayaan Hall, the presentation showcased the diverse culture and rich heritage of the Philippines through music, dance, poetry and fashion, including a reading of National Hero Jose P. Rizal’s “Mi Ultimo Adios.”

Ambassador Cabactulan lauded the UNSRC-PCS for organizing the presentation, saying that “they have always been active and pro-active partners of the Philippine Mission.”

“This particular event is of significance as it is organized and participated in by Filipinos who work at the United Nations, in partnership with the Filipino community as we celebrate the 150 th anniversary of National Hero Jose Rizal’s 150 th birth anniversary,” added Ambassador Cabactulan.

“The presentation integrated notable messages about our country and peoples – our diversity, our democratic heritage and our pursuit of peace, progress and prosperity through engaging performances. We look forward to a bigger presentation next year,” said Ambassador Cabactulan. END




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