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NYPM 13-2011

28 FEBRUARY 2011


 24 February 2011United Nations, New York The Philippines is exploring new opportunities in global e-commerce in an effort to further sustain the growth of the Philippines’ information and communications technology sector and to continue to build and expand leadership positions in the sector.

At the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) Colloquium on Electronic Commerce concluded recently at the UN and participated in by the Philippines, Secretary Ivan John Enrile Uy of the Commission on Information and Communications technology (CICT), stressed the need to be engaged with the world in this “cutting edge industry” in which the Philippines has “already experienced tremendous growth” and “has shown leadership in key areas of the global information and communications technology.”

“We are already a dominant player in the outsourced back-office operations industry. But we should continue to look for new avenues, emerging trends and novel platforms which can further strengthen our position,” said Secretary Uy.

According to Uy, the Philippines had definitely bypassed India in call center revenues with 5.5 billion dollars last year compared with India's 5.3 billion dollars.

“Our participation in this colloquium will help us identify areas for further growth in the ICT sector, consistent with the CICT’s mandate,” added Secretary Uy.

CICT, which is under the Office of the President, is mandated among others to “ensure a policy and legal environment that will promote a level playing field, partnerships between the public and the private sectors, strategic alliances with foreign investors, balanced investments between high-growth and economically-depressed areas, and broader private sector participation in ICT development.”

CICT is also mandated to “promote the development of ICT expertise in the country's human capital to enable Filipinos to compete in a fast-evolving information and communication age.”

Among the topics discussed during the forum were: Mobile phone trends in developing countries: policy and legal considerations; Regional Coordination on Cross-Border Electronic Exchange of Trade Documents and Data from the Prospective of Asia and the Pacific; Identity Management: The Next Frontier for International E-Commerce - the Subject, the Legal Issues, and the Need for Action by UNCITRAL; and, The Electrification of Letters of Credit: Law, Practice Rules, and Forms. END





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