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NYPM 019-2010

27 MAY 2010


NEW YORK—The Philippine today made a final push for consensus at the 2010 Review Conference of States Parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) by presenting an action plan that seeks to move the stalled nuclear disarmament agenda forward.

With just one day to go in the month-long negotiations, Ambassador Libran N. Cabactulan, President of the 2010 NPT Review Conference, presented the draft of a final document he formulated and which he hoped States-Parties would adopt on Friday.

“We have worked and toiled together these past four weeks. Our work is about to come to an end. Let us share in successfully concluding all our exertions and all our work,” the Filipino envoy said. “It is my hope that we can mark that success by adopting this document tomorrow. It is my fervent wish that all the little seeds of hope that we planted together throughout the Review Conference will bear fruit.”

 Ambassador Cabactulan, who is also the Philippine Permanent Representative to the United Nations, decided to put together the draft final document after States-Parties could not agree on a number of proposals intended to advance the NPT agenda such as a timeline for disarmament; the proposal to set up a nuclear weapon-free zone in the Middle East; mandatory nuclear inspections; and penalties for withdrawing from the treaty.

Saying he had listened very carefully to all views presented by NPT States-Parties, Ambassador Cabactulan said the action plan he presented was “the very best that can be offered given the complexities of the issues and the diverging and sometimes even diametrically opposed positions taken on some issues.”

“We all worked together to give content and life to this document. I believe it has many good points and I have all of you to thank for that. Shortcomings, if any, are entirely on my account,” he told States-Parties during a plenary meeting on Thursday afternoon.

“The document was made possible because all delegations sought to work constructively with each other. We have this document because I believe that we all sincerely desire a successful outcome of our Review Conference,” Ambassador Cabactulan told delegations.

The Philippines is hoping to put the nuclear disarmament agenda back on track by steering the 2010 Review Conference to its successful conclusion when it ends on Friday. It could be recalled that the 2005 Review Conference ended in failure after States-Parties got embroiled in procedural wrangling that they ran out of time to discuss more substantive matters. ###




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