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NYPM 008-2009

10 MARCH 2009


CLARK FIELD, Pampanga--The Central Luzon Cyber Corridor, one of five Super Regions envisioned by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo under her country-wide development scheme, continuously grows by leaps and bounds and is proving to be an oasis of hope for many Filipinos feeling the crunch of the deepening global economic meltdown.

In a presentation during the 26th Cabinet meeting at the Cyber City Teleservices (CCT) main office here on 10 March, Commission on Information and Communication Technology (CICT) Chairman Ray Anthony Chua said that last year 372,000 jobs and $6-billion in revenue were generated by the industry alone.

``And despite the global financial crisis, we still expect the industry to grow this year,`` he added.

Chua pointed out that with the continued support of government, he expects jobs in the IT industry, particularly the business process outsourcing (IT-BPO) sector to grow by 20 to 25 percent or generate 80,000 to 90,000 jobs this year.

Among the initiatives CICT is currently undertaking to ensure the IT-BPO industry sector growth include the provision of subsidies for training similar to what the President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo scholarships do for potential recruits in the IT-BPO sector, and starting a career caravan that will help promote IT-BPO opportunities around the country.

Aside from Manila and Cebu, CICT has identified ``10 next wave cities`` that are fertile grounds for IT-BPO expansion. These new wave cities include Metro Laguna, Metro Cavite, Iloilo, Davao, Bacolod, Pampanga, two areas in Bulacan, Cagayan de Oro, and Lipa City in Batangas. CICT, he added, is also working on assessment tools that will help IT-BPO operators to streamline their equipment process.

``So we`re working on all that to help the industry sustain its growth,`` Chua stressed.

The Philippines is considered one of the leading IT-BPO countries. It is ranked second to India outside Canada in terms of market share in IT-BPO global market.

``The IT-BPO industry has been growing continuously in the last several years because in general, the trend towards outsourcing is growing globally. In addition, the Philippines has really made a name for itself. Our reputation is becoming more and more enhanced around the world,`` Chua noted.

Aside from the Cyber Corridor, which is home to numerous cyberservice providers that supply expert services in various ICT fields like BPO, contact centers, animation, medical and legal transcription, software development, e-learning, e-entertainment and gaming and other back office operations (e.g. finance and accounting, human resource development,
etc.), the other Super Regions are Central Philippines, Luzon Urban Beltway, Mindanao and the North Luzon Agribusiness Quadrangle.

Central Philippines is also envisioned as a premier tourist destination on account of its unique natural wonders: long white beaches, rich coastal and marine resources, vast forest reserves and diverse ecosystems, varied ethnic cultures and historical landmarks, and warm and friendly people.

The Luzon Urban Beltway (LUB) is projected to become the heartland of industry and country`s trade and commerce. It contributes the most to the national economy among all the other super regions. Of the country`s total gross domestic product (GDP), about 55 percent come from the region.

Mindanao as a whole has been designated as super region in itself. The adoption of a super region strategy as laid out in the President`s July 2006 State of the Nation Address augurs well for Mindanao, given its competitive edge in agribusiness, which could be further harnessed by major infrastructure support.

The North Luzon Agribusiness Quadrangle (NLAQ) forms part of the President`s roadmap to realize the region`s full potentials that would spur the country`s drive towards agricultural productivity and hiked food production not only to supply the major population centers of Luzon, but North Asia as well. (IMO-PND)




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