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NYPM 007-2009

7 MARCH 2009



MANILA--Here is good news for Filipino women on women’s month: The Philippines – which is headed by a woman President -- holds the world record in the greatest percentage of women in senior management positions.

“The greatest percentage of women in senior management is in the Philippines where women hold 47% of senior positions,” said the Thornton International Business Report (IBR) 2009.

“They (Filipino women) are followed by Russia (42%) and Thailand (38%),” added the Thornton IBR which interviewed senior executives of Philippine private firms and cited figures from the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) showing that women “have steadily outnumbered men in executive positions.”

“In 2002, the ratio was 1.86 million females to 1.4 males in supervisory and executive positions. In 2006, the ratio was 2.257 million women managers to 1.629 million men. By 2007, there were 2.281 million female managers to 1.677 million males,” it added.

The Filipino women’s breaking the proverbial “glass ceiling” for women in management is in contrast to the global reality of women hardly making it to the top of their organizations.

“New research from Grant Thornton International reveals that women still hold less than a quarter of senior management positions in privately held businesses globally,” according to the IBR’s press release about its 2009 report.

The IBR added that only 24 percent of senior management positions are currently held by women – “a figure identical to 2007 and only a marginal improvement from 2004 when only 19% of senior level positions were held by women.”

The Thornton IBR 2009 also lamented that “34% of privately held businesses globally have no women in senior management.”

The Grant Thornton International Business Report is an annual survey of the views of senior executives in privately held businesses (PHB) all over the world.

Launched 17 years ago in 1992 in nine European countries, the report now surveys over 7,200 private businesses in 36 economies providing territory, regional and global trend data on the economic and commercial issues affecting a sector often described as the 'engine' of the world's economy.”

Thornton’s IBR 2009 results were released by audit, tax and business advisory firm Punongbayan & Araullo (P&A), a member firm within Grant Thornton. (IMO)




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