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NYPM 017-2008

05 JANUARY 2008



PGMA calls on the U.N. to help ensure steady supply of rice to needy nations

NEW YORK CITY --- President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo called on the United Nations to help ensure the steady supply of rice especially to needy nations amid the global threat of rising oil and food prices.

The President issued the call during the reception for UN permanent representatives at the UN Headquarters here.

''We call on the UN to help ensure supply, promote research and continue to provide us with humanitarian supplies to the truly needy nations affected by the global phenomenon,'' the President said.

The President noted that the twin challenge of rising prices of oil and food has been felt by the Philippines and many other nations, rich and poor alike.

She said the Philippines has been able to prevent the situation from becoming a crisis through several interventions that ensure steady supply of low-priced rice through subsidies, effective distribution and punishment of hoarders and price manipulators.

''We have been doing double daily in the region to coordinate our efforts, but we need strong, global leadership and coordination if we are to avert from becoming a perpetual problem,'' she said.

The President said the UN could very well provide this global leadership and coordination as it has been the organization's thrust to ''lift up humankind through its stewardship of human rights, pursuit of peace and efforts to eliminate poverty'' since World War 11.



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