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25 MAY 2007





NEW YORK –The United Nations General Assembly today threw its full support to a Philippine-Pakistani initiative calling for the holding of a high level dialogue on inter-religious and intercultural cooperation for the promotion of peace, the Philippine Mission to the United Nations said today.


In his report to Foreign Affairs Secretary Alberto G. Romluo, Ambassador Hilario G. Davide Jr., Philippine Permanent Representative to the UN, said the resolution, which was co-sponsored by 22 other Member-States, was adopted without a vote by the General Assembly.


Ambassador Davide said that those who joined the Philippines and Pakistan—the two main sponsors—are Armenia, Belarus, Benin, Cameroon, China, Egypt, El Salvador, Guatemala, Guinea, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Madagascar, Mongolia, Morocco, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, the Russian Federation, Senegal, Somalia, Suriname, Thailand and Uzbekistan.


Ambassador Davide said the resolution provides the general modalities in implementing the Philippine-Pakistani initiated General Assembly Resolution 61/221 entitled "Promotion of Inter-religious and Intercultural Dialogue, Understanding and Cooperation for Peace."


Its adoption paves the way for the holding on 4 and 5 October 2007 of the High Level Dialogue on Inter-religious and Intercultural Understanding and Cooperation for Peace at the ministerial or highest possible level. The resolution also calls for the holding of an informal interactive hearing to be participated in by representatives of civil society, including non-government organizations and the private sector.  


Both meetings will be chaired by the president of the 62 nd Session of the General Assembly, Dr. Srgjan Kerim of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.


"The interfaith and intercultural initiatives of Pakistan and the Philippines hopes to contribute to the attainment of this mission of the United Nations as solemnly enshrined in its Charter: '…to practice tolerance and live together in peace with one another as good neighbours and to unite our strength to maintain international peace and security," Ambassador Davide said in introducing the resolution.


 "The practice of tolerance and peaceful coexistence can neither be enforced nor legislated; but it can voluntarily be imbibed and practiced and made part of life by a person primarily from religious precepts and adherence to cultural values," he added.   END



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