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Tashkent to host International Law Forum

Wednesday, 07 April 2021

On April 22-23, Tashkent will host the Second International Forum “Tashkent Law Spring”.

The forum, which is being held for the second time, is intended to become an open dialogue platform for leading international and national experts. It is planned to discuss current trends in the development of law and the application of best practices in the modernization of national law, as well as informing the international community about the legal reforms being implemented in Uzbekistan.

The forum is expected to be attended by the Ministers of Justice of Uzbekistan and foreign countries, heads of judicial and other state bodies, representatives of international organizations, the world's leading legal and consulting firms, lawyers, well-known scientists, specialists and experts in the jurisprudence, international law and economics.

It is planned to hold sessions on the state legal policy, ensuring the openness of the activities of state bodies, LegalTech and LawTech, the system of common (English) law, mediation and arbitration during the restrictions of the coronavirus pandemic, intellectual property protection, state policy implementation, ensuring the independence, fairness and impartiality of the judiciary in the era of digitalization and other current issues.

The event will also include roundtable discussions dedicated to best practices in the public services, the dissemination of legal information, the development of the legal profession and notaries.