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H.E. Mr. Aunese Makoi Simati

H.E. Mr. Aunese Makoi Simati

Work History: 

Ambassador/Permanent Representative
Tuvalu Mission to the United Nations
New York, USA.

Mr Aunese Makoi Simati was sworn in as Tuvalu’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations on the 22nd of December 2012. He was sworn in as Tuvalu’s Ambassador to the United States on January 14th 2013 and concluded the tenure on July 2017. 

Prior to this, Mr Simati served as High Commissioner in the Tuvalu High Commission in Suva, Fiji since February 2010 where he ensures that Tuvalu’s ties with Fiji, development partners and international organizations is maintained and continues to strengthen. 

Mr Simati served as Permanent Secretary in various Ministries including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Industries; Ministry of Home Affairs and Rural Development; and the Ministry of Communication and Transport. Previously, he was employed in number of senior positions including Senior Assistant Secretary; Acting Director of Planning; Senior Economic Advisor; and Rural Physical Planner.

Mr Simati held Director and Chairman Positions in various Board of Directors Committees including Development Bank of Tuvalu; Tuvalu Philatelic Corporation; Tuvalu Trust Fund Advisory Committee; Tuvalu Telecommunications Corporation; Air Fiji Ltd; National Bank of Tuvalu; Tuvalu National Provident Fund; Development Coordinating Committee; Public Tenders Board; Disaster Management Committee and Public Service Advisory Committee.

Among other aspects, Mr Simati’s background revolves around various advisory roles in finance, rural development, gender mainstreaming, efficiencies and effectiveness of government strategies, monitoring and coordinating of aid progammes, trade negotiations and taxation reforms, and community and island council programme and policy development. 

Mr Simati graduated from Waikato University, New Zealand with a Master of Social Science in Economics and Geography with Second Class Honors – First Division in 1999; and a Bachelor of Social Science with First Class Honors (Economics) in 1998.

Mr Simati is married to Mrs Sunema Pie Simati and blessed with four children. He enjoys learning foreign languages and cultures; likes the outdoors and plays tennis. He is a dedicated Christian and likes to help the unfortunates.



Since its establishment, Ambassador Enele Sosene Sopoaga took charge of the Mission.

In December 2006, the Mission welcomed its second Ambassador, Afelee Falema Pita.

H.E. Mr. Aunese Makoi Simati, served as the third Permanent Representative and concluded the tenure on July 2017.

H.E. Mr. Samuelu Laloniu, since July 2017,  serves as the current Permanent Representative of the Tuvalu Mission.


  Ambassadors Terms of Office
  Mr. Samuelu Laloniu 2017-Present




Mr. Aunese Makoi Simati








Mr. Afelee Falema Pita








Mr. Enele Sosene Sopoaga





Current Staff Titles/Terms of Office
Mrs. Tarataake Samuelu First Secretary
Mr. Zack Hsu Second Secretary/Legal Adviser
Mr. Faleasiu Tusiupu Clerical Officer/Driver

Former Staff Titles/Terms of Office
Mrs. Lita Pita First Secretary; 2006-2012
Mr. Tofiga Tinilau Clerical Officer/Driver; 2006-2012
Mr. Minute Taupo DPR; 2001-2006
Ms. Salilo Enele Second Secretary; 2001-2006
Ms. Seleta Taupo Third Secretary; 2001-2006
Mr. Jeremy Ovia Mission Chauffeur; 2003-2006