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Country Facts

Suriname is located on the north-east coast of South America between French Guiana and Guyana.

 Area: 163,194 sq. km. (63,037 sq. mi.) 
Climate:  Tropical

Capital City:  Paramaribo

Head of State:  H. E. President Desiré Delano BOUTERSE

Independence Day:  November 25, 1975.


Nationality:  Surinamese
Population (2004 census):  492,829.
Annual growth rate (2004):  1.30%.
Ethnic groups (2004 census):  Hindustani (East Indian) 27%, Creole 18%, Javanese 15%, Maroon 15%, mixed 12.5%, Amerindians 3.7%, Chinese 1.8%.
Religions:  Hindu, Muslim, Roman Catholic, Dutch Reformed, Moravian, several other Christian denominations, Jewish, Baha'i.
Languages:  Dutch (official), English (widely spoken in Paramaribo), Sranan Tongo (Creole language), Hindustani, Javanese.


Currency:   Suriname Guilder was replaced by the Surinamese dollar (SRD) in January 2004


Type:  Constitutional democracy
Constitution:  September 30, 1987

Executive--President, Vice President, Council of Ministers
Legislative--elected 51-member National Assembly made up of representatives of political parties
Judicial--Court of Justice.