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Friday, 15 July 2022

New York City, 10 July, 2022.


On 9 July 2022 Malawians in the United States celebrated the country's 58th independence anniversary at a colourful event held at Malawi House which also hosts the Permanent Representative Her Excellency Dr Agnes Chimbiri-Molande.


In her remarks, the Permanent Representative who was the Guest of Honour encouraged Malawians to work hard. "We owe our children and grandchildren a prosperous Malawi than the one we live in", she said. 


Her Excellency Dr Agnes Chimbiri-Molande further noted that despite the increasing effects of the Russian-Ukraine war, COVID-19 and Climate change, Malawians had demonstrated remarkable resilience "to navigate through difficult times".



Women showing their dancing skills.


  The event was the first one in two years, following the easing of COVID-19 restrictions in New York. And as if to attest to how much it was missed for the past two years, the function was well-attended by Malawians coming from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. As part of the celebrations, Malawian dishes such as mfutso, usipa, and khwanya were served with some Malawian drinks such as the famous Malawi Gin


Malawians enjoying Malawian cuisines.


The colourful event had everything for all the patrons. There was entertainment for both adults and children with the latter enjoying jumping castle, among others. 


After the Guest of Honour delivered her remarks, there was popping of champagne followed by cutting of a beautifully made cake engraved with the Malawi flag.


As part of the celebrations, most attendees dressed in traditional attire. Leading by example, Ambassador Dr Agnes Chimbiri-Molande immaculately dressed in a well-tailored dress with a green background with black and red stripes.