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Statement by Ms. Vilayluck SENEDUANGDETH Minister Counsellor, Deputy Permanent Representative of the Lao PDR to UN at the 40th Plenary Meeting of the United Nations General Assembly on Agenda Item 9: Report of the Economic and Social Council

Wednesday, 24 November 2021

Mr. President,

It’s my honor to speak on behalf of my PR, Ambassador Anouparb Vongnorkeo who is unable to be here due to unforeseen circumstances.  

At the outset, my delegation would like to express my sincere thanks to all delegations for the constructive engagement and support which has led to the consensual adoption of this significant resolution entitled the “Graduation of Bangladesh, the Lao People’s Democratic Republic and Nepal from Least Developed Country Category”.

My delegation wishes to thank the Office for High Representative for LDCs, LLDCs and SIDS for the unwavering support and assistance to ensure its smooth adoption.

Mr. President,

Graduating from LDC status has always been an ultimate goal for the Lao PDR. Towards this end, all 5-year National Social-Economic Development Plans developed since early 2000 have included specific targets for reaching the goal, taking into account particular development situation in each period, so as to lay a strong foundation for smooth graduation. In addition, the UN Programs of Action on LDCs have periodically been streamlined into the national planning process.

In its 2021 triennial review, the CDP recommended that the Lao PDR met the thresholds for the LDC graduation for the second time, by meeting all three criteria for graduation (GNI, HAI and EVI). However, the recommendation for graduation does not mean that all challenges the country has encountered will end and the Lao PDR may inevitably continue to face more numerous challenges after graduation. It is crucial to bear in mind that graduation from LDC status should not be an end goal and quality and smooth graduation must be ensured so that the graduating country will not slip back to LDC after graduation, especially in the midst of the current global health crisis. Therefore, the adoption of this resolution is just a beginning.

My delegation wishes to conclude by reiterating the Lao PDR’s firm commitment to continue working closely with the international community, development partners, UN Agencies and all relevant stakeholders and we look forward to the continued support and assistance to ensure the sustainable and irreversible graduation from LDC status.

I thank you.