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Presentation of Credentials Guide (Prime Minister) 2017

Presentation of Credentials Guide (Prime Minister) 2017

Protocol Department

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade

21 Dominica Drive; Kingston 5; JAMAICA




Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade of Jamaica




The Department of Protocol wishes to advise the following:


  1. The Head of State of Jamaica is Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Second. Her representative in Jamaica is The Governor-General.  Commonwealth States who share The Queen as their Head of State, present Letters of Introduction to The Prime Minister. Such Letters should be addressed as follows:


The Most Honourable Andrew Holness, ON, MP

Prime Minister

Office of the Prime Minister

1 Devon Road

Kingston 10



  1. When selecting a date for presentation of Letters of Introduction,notice should be sent one (1) month in advance to the Protocol Department. 


  1. The High Commissioner-designate is required to bring along with the original,   a copy of his/her Letter of Introduction.


  1. Any changes in the National flag of the Head of Mission presenting credentials should be advised and in this regard, he/she is required to bring with him/her a copy of the new flag:  one standard-size (6 feet x 3 feet) and one car-size.  


  1. It should be indicated whether or not the High Commissioner-designate will be accompanied by his/her spouse and/or Members of the Mission to the Presentation to The Prime Minister.  Permission should be sought  from the Protocol Department for the attendance of the latter - which should not exceed two in number - and their names and designations should be included in the request.


  1. An Official Programme will be prepared by the Protocol Department for the High Commissioner-designate.  The first appointment will entail a meeting with the Chief of Protocol.  This will be followed by the Presentation of the copy of the Letter of Introduction to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, or his designated representative.  Thereafter, the High Commissioner-designate will be allowed to meet with selected high officials and Heads of department in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Foreign Trade on the basis of their availability. Calls on other High Officials of the Government of Jamaica may not take place until after the High Commissioner-designate has presented his/her Letter of Introduction to the Prime Minister.  These calls/meetings on the Officials of the Ministry will normally be integrated into the programme, and are scheduled prior to the Presentation of Letter of Introduction to the Prime Minister. In this regard, if time permits, an appointment will be arranged for the High Commissioner-designate to pay a Courtesy Call on The Governor-General after having presented his/her Letter of Introduction to The Prime Minister.



  1. A High Commissioner-designate who is presenting Letters of Introduction as the first Diplomatic representative of his/her State to Jamaica is required to submit a copy of the address or message of his/her Government to the Government of Jamaica at least ten (10) days prior to the Presentation Ceremony, for later release to the Press.


  1. The mode of attire is National Dress or Business Suit (black, dark blue or grey).  In the case of females, pantsuits are not allowed.


  1. A Courtesy Car is normally provided to transport the High Commissioner-designate (and spouse) who will not be residing in Jamaica only for the duration of their Official Programme. The car assigned is available for travel within the boundaries of the capital, Kingston only. It will be the responsibility of each High Commissioner-designate to ensure the provision of transportation for the additional members of his/her accompanying Staff.  The official car provided by King’s House is for the formal transportation of the Ambassador-designate only, to the Presentation of Credentials Ceremony.


  1. The Protocol Department should be notified as to whether or not a vin d’honneur will be held after the Presentation of Credentials.  (In the case of non-resident Representatives, the assistance of the Department may be sought with regard to responses to invitations and proposals for a venue).


  1. Photographs of the Presentation of Letters will be made available upon request.