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International Donors’ Conference towards a New Future for Haiti

Wednesday, 31 March 2010
Mr. Carlos Morales Troncoso, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Dominican Republic
United Nations Headquarters

The Dominican Republic appreciates the massive presence of high-level delegations present in these International Donors’ Conference towards a New Future for our neighbor the Republic of Haiti.


The Dominican Republic appreciates the generous commitment of participants to the challenge of building the new Haiti of our dreams, decentralized, socially just and economically prosperous.


The Dominican Republic is confident that, together, we will keep that commitment beyond the presence of Haiti in the front lines of the international press.


The Dominican Republic is confident that this time we will know how to work with the Haitian government and by for Haitians.


In that vein, the Dominican Republic comes to this International Conference with the hope that we will find the coordinating mechanism which ensures the consistency of our cooperative efforts, to avoid duplications, minimize delays and guarantee the most efficient use of the scarce resources.


By recognizing the irreplaceable work provided and the sacrifice of human lives suffered by the United Nations, the Dominican Republic is confident that the organization will now have an even more outstanding role and, in particular, MINUSTAH will not only be a force keeping peace but an important participant in the building of a stronger Haiti as well.


The Dominican Republic reiterates its invitations to all members of the United Nations and international aid agencies to the International Summit for the Reconstruction of Haiti, to be held in Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic, as mentioned in her speech by the First Vice President of Spain, Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega, representing the rotating Presidency of the European Union.


To conclude, the Dominican Republic will continue making the modest contributions from our people, from the Government to neighborhood associations, from the supreme sustenance given to dozens of Haitian babies by Sonia Marmolejos at the Darío Contreras Hospital in Santo Domingo to the generous donations given by my country’s private sector.


The Dominican Government,


  • That after only two hours after the earthquake had already deployed in Haiti rescue teams for the victims;


  • That before the first 36 hours after the earthquake attended Port Principe, on the person of its President Dr. Leonel Fernandez and 4 other Ministers;


  • That installed 10 economic food distribution centers to feed 10,000 Haitians each.


  • That took care, and continues to take care of thousands of Haitians in its hospitals all across Dominican soil.


  • That put at the disposal of the international community 10 of its airports to assure that its solidarity would promptly reach those who needed it the most.



The Dominican Government has already donated US$60 millions in humanitarian aid. And is committing right now to donate an additional US$50 millions to build a new University in Haiti and to continue to provide the food and health aid that our brothers and sisters in Haiti are still greatly needing.


May these commitments serve as another demonstration of our unbreakable solidarity to the people and the Government of Haiti, in its search of an irreversible path towards sustainable human development.




New York, March 31st., 2010.