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NYPM 09-2012

23 MAY 2012


23 May 2012, New York – Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert F. Del Rosario today briefed Mr. Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser, President of the 66 th Session of the United Nations General Assembly, on the situation in the West Philippine Sea and on the Philippines’ desire to resolve the conflict peacefully.

The meeting took place at the United Nations Headquarters here ahead of the High Level Meeting on “The Role of Member States in Mediation” where Secretary Del Rosario delivered a statement on mediation as a tool for the peaceful resolution of conflicts.

“It is timely that I am here to attend this meeting on mediation which is particularly important to us given the situation in the West Philippine Sea,” he told the General Assembly President.

For his part, Mr. Al-Nasser expressed hope that the issue should be dealt with with wisdom, adding that the high level meeting on mediation will hopefully provide a clearer picture of the role the General Assembly could play in helping resolve conflicts.

The high level meeting on mediation was convened and chaired by the President of the General Assembly. The Philippines was invited to speak as a leading voice in global mediation efforts. Secretary Del Rosario joined his counterparts from five other countries that are also active in mediation.

Chapter VI of the UN Charter which deals with peaceful settlement of disputes requires States with disputes to seek solutions through peaceful methods such as negotiation, enquiry, mediation, conciliation, arbitration, judicial settlement, resort to regional agencies or arrangements, or other peaceful means of their own choice.

The Philippines has always been active in promoting the peaceful settlement of international disputes. This year, it leads efforts in the United Nations to mark the 30 th anniversary of the adoption of the 1982 Manila Declaration on the Peaceful Settlement of Disputes through a General Assembly resolution that calls on States to “promote and observe in good faith” the historic declaration. END




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