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2019 Session of the Special Committee on the Charter of the United Nations and on the Strengthening of the Role of the Organization

Tuesday, 19 February 2019
Conference Room 3, UN Headquarters



Thank you, Madam Chair,

           The Philippines aligns itself with the statement delivered by Iran on behalf of the Non-Aligned Movement.

We join colleagues in congratulating you on your election as Chair of the Special Committee. You have our full support.  

            The Manila Declaration on the Peaceful Settlement of Disputes, the first comprehensive consolidation of the legal framework for the peaceful settlement of international disputes, is one of the landmark outcomes of the Special Committee. As such, the work of the Special Committee is of much importance for the Philippines.

             In addition, the Special Committee has supported, since its establishment in 1975, efforts to make the UN more efficient in its work of fostering peace and security in the world.

             On the maintenance of international peace and security, we continue to support the proposal of Cuba on strengthening the role of the UN and enhancing its effectiveness. We appreciate Cuba’s work on its revised proposal and support having a working group.

             We also reaffirm our support for Ghana’s proposal on strengthening the relationship and cooperation between the UN and regional arrangements or agencies in the peaceful settlement of disputes. We thank Ghana for its revised working paper. Ghana’s proposal is consistent with the Manila Declaration. It expresses a felt necessity to fill the gaps in the UN’s work by improving coordination with regional organizations in enforcement actions and conflict prevention, and by clarifying the Security Council’s role in these matters. We support the development of Guidelines by the Special Committee on this.

            On the peaceful settlement of disputes, we reaffirm our commitment to Articles 2(3) and 33 of the UN Charter, which provide that parties to any dispute shall first of all settle their disputes by peaceful means. States should refrain from the threat or use of force. Preventing war through the peaceful settlement of disputes is a major part of the UN’s work. Human rights are safer in peace as they are in constant peril in war. It is to uphold human rights that the UN was created after the horrors of the Holocaust in the Second World War.

            We welcome the thematic debate for this Session on State practices regarding mediation. Mediation is provided for in the Protocol to the ASEAN Charter on Settlement Dispute Settlement Mechanisms.[1]          

            The Philippines also looks forward to deeper discussions on the subject of the implementation of UN sanctions, as well as assistance to third states affected by them.

Thank you.