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Nature of Work

Nature of the Work of the Permanent Mission 

The Permanent Mission works for the promotion and protection of Philippine interests within the framework of the United Nations, which is the only existing universal forum of sovereign equals reconciling its members' diverse interests. Hence, the Mission is principally responsible for undertaking the multilateral aspects of Philippine diplomacy. It deals with the broad range of interests of 192 members of the United Nations as well as other states and political entities, and the UN Secretariat. 

The multilateral dimension distinguishes the work of the Permanent Mission from the tasks of the Embassy of the Philippines in Washington, D.C., which is responsible for the bilateral relations of the Philippines with the United States. Under the supervision of the Embassy in Washington, D.C., the Consulate-General in New York, and in other American cities, provide assistance and protection to Filipino nationals and perform other consular functions. 

The Permanent Mission, under the direction of the President and the supervision of the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, undertakes the protection and promotion of the vital national interests of the Philippines in the following areas: international cooperation for development and operational activities; international peace and security; social and humanitarian affairs; common heritage of mankind; progressive development of international law; new international economic order; new world information and communication order; and the protection of Filipino nationals in the UN.