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PH reaffirms support for the World Court at the United Nations

Tuesday, November 7, 2023 - 10:00


Ambassador and Permanent Representative Antonio M. Lagdameo delivers the Philippine Statement at the General Assembly Hall on the Report of the International Court of Justice (Photo Credit: New York PM).


UNITED NATIONS, NEW YORK, 7 November 2023 — The Philippines reaffirmed its support for the International Court of Justice during the United Nations General Assembly debate on the report of the “World Court.”

In his statement, Ambassador Antonio M. Lagdameo, the Philippines’ Permanent Representative to the United Nations, noted the Court's vital role within the United Nations system, emphasizing its contribution to global peace. He stated that the Court is central to the mandated duty of peacefully resolving international disputes in line with justice and international law, as required by the UN Charter, to prevent any breach of peace.

Ambassador Lagdameo also highlighted the1982 Manila Declaration on the Peaceful Settlement of International Disputes. The Declaration ‘holds a special regard for the Court, reiterating its role as the principal judicial organ of the UN, and encouraging resort to the Court in the peaceful settlement of disputes,’ he said.

Earlier, Joan E. Donoghue, President of the ICJ, in presenting the report to the General Assembly, highlighted that as the world faces an onslaught of conflicts and challenges to international law, the growing docket of the International Court of Justice continues to reflect a wide variety of legal disputes involving countries from every region of the world and tackling questions that concern all of humanity.

She also detailed the nearly two dozen critical legal disputes. She noted that of the 20 cases on the docket, 7 cases had been brought in 2022, including two requests for an advisory opinion and five contentious cases.

In response, Ambassador Lagdameo said “The international community’s trust and confidence for the Court must be accompanied by the provision of commensurate budget and funds necessary for the proper functioning of the Court."

Highlighting the Court’s responsible stewardship by the Court of its funds, Ambassador Lagdameo stated that, “The Philippines supports the provision of adequate financial resources essential for the Court’s discharge of its judicial functions, noting that its work has expanded without proportionate increase in its budget.”

ICJ President Donoghue also spotlighted the requests for advisory opinions, she noted one was on “Israeli practices affecting the human rights of the Palestinian people in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem” and the other on the “Obligations of States in respect of climate change”.

Ambassador Lagdameo conveyed that the Philippines co-sponsored the General Assembly resolution seeking the Court’s advisory opinion on the issue of climate change.

“We are therefore pleased to participate in the legal proceedings on state obligations with respect to climate change. A clear statement from the ICJ could assist states in their efforts towards a climate resilient development which integrates adaptation and mitigation to advance sustainable development for all,” he said.

The creation of the ICJ represented the culmination of a long process of developing methods for the peaceful settlement of international disputes. The Philippines has recognized the compulsory jurisdiction of the Court since 1972 and, in line with its policy of promoting the rule of law, continues to advocate for, inter alia, recourse to international tribunals in settling international disputes. END.

Ambassador and Permanent Representative Antonio M. Lagdameo asserts that the international community’s trust and confidence in the Court must be accompanied by the provision of commensurate budget and funds necessary for the proper functioning of the International Court of Justice. (Photo Credit: New York PM).