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Philip Allen Lacovara

Philip Allen Lacovara


Mr. Philip Allen Lacovara has been a member of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta since 1988 and currently serves as Counsellor (Legal Adviser) to the Order’s Permanent Observer Mission to the United Nations in New York.  

His prior positions in government service have included Deputy Solicitor General of the United States, Counsel to the Watergate Special Prosecutor (United States Department of Justice), and Special Counsel to the New York City Police Commissioner.

He has served as an adjunct professor of law and political science at several major universities, lecturing and publishing on such issues as presidential power, control of terrorism, and the international law of armed conflict.

In addition, Mr. Lacovara has served as general counsel of Morgan Stanley & Co. and as vice president for worldwide litigation at General Electric Co. and has been a senior partner with two international law firms.

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Counsellor, Legal Adviser