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OLYMPIC WINNER :Maria de Lurdes Mutola
Atlanta Olympic Winner for Mozambicans In July 1996 Mozambicans watched as their golden girl, Maria de Lurdes Mutola ran the 800 meter finals in the Atlanta Olympics in Atlanta, Ga. USA. Mozambicans watched proudly as Ms. Mutola ran, in poor health, to win the first Olympic Bronze Medal for herself and all Mozambicans. In fact Ms. Mutola has been the best in the world in the 800 and 1,000 meters. She won the 800 meter World Championship in 1993, lost it in August of 1995 and went on to break the world record for the 1,000 meters a few day later.
PULSATING RHYTHM : Women dance in Niassa
JOSE CRAVEIRINHA : Poet, enthusiast & activist
JOSE CRAVEIRINHA, Mozambique's greatest poet, a life-long political activist,WINS credit for discovering Ms. MUTOLA. His enthusiasm for the young Ms. Maria MUTOLA propelled her on to the world stage.............................. CRAVEIRINHA draws together the worlds of art, sports and politics like no-one else in Mozambique