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Open Meeting of the Security Council on the Situation between Iraq and Kuwait

Wednesday, 19 February 2003
H.E. Mr. Alfred Capelle
United Nations Security Council

Mr. President,

Mr. Secretary-General,


It is my honour to address this open meeting of the Security Council. I would like to thank the President for convening this meeting and thereby giving smaller delegations, such as my own, an opportunity to participate in the debate on this crucial matter.


Mr. President,


The Republic of the Marshall Islands, having listened to the various statements presented by the Government of the United States to the Security Council in recent weeks, affirms its unity with the United States of America and with its determination to ensure that Iraq provides full co-operation and compliance with its obligations under Resolution 1441.


Mr. President,


The Republic of the Marshall Islands takes immense pride in its close relationship with the United States, and continues to benefit greatly from the generosity of this nation.


The people of the Marshall Islands have had personal experience with, and thus have first-hand knowledge of the extreme power and devastating effect of weapons of mass destruction.


The devastation of war is evident to all of us.  Our sons and daughters presently serving in the United States armed forces are at the forefront of our minds, as they are among those being placed in peril.


Mr. President,


The Marshall Islands join with others in expressing the strong belief that the best hope for peace and security lies in Iraq’s full co-operation with the UNMOVIC and IAEA inspections teams, and full compliance with Security Council Resolution 1441.


Thank you Mr. President.