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Dr. Nawaf Salam

Dr. Nawaf Salam

Posted date: 
Thursday, July 12, 2007 to Thursday, December 5, 2013


Born on December 15, 1953

Married to Sahar Baassiri

Children: Abdallah and Marwan



1992    Doctorat d'Etat, INSTITUT D'ETUDES POLITIQUES (Sc.Po.), Paris. (Summa Cum Laude)

1991    LL.M. (Master of Laws) HARVARD LAW SCHOOL, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

1984    Licence en Droit, LEBANESE UNIVERSITY, Beirut.

1979    Doctorat en Histoire, SORBONNE UNIVERSITY, Paris (Summa Cum Laude)

1979    D.E.A. (Diplôme d'Etudes Approfondies), INSTITUT D´ETUDES POLITIQUES
(Sc. Po.), Paris (Cum Laude)




Arabic, English, French.



1)   Books:

–    Editor and Contributor: Le Moyen-Orient à l’Epreuve de l’Irak, Actes-Sud/Sindbad, Paris, 2005

–    Editor and Contributor: Options for Lebanon, I.B.Tauris, London and New York, 2004. (Arabic version published by Dar Annahar)          

–    Co-editor with Theodor Hanf and Contributor: Lebanon in Limbo, Nomos, Baden-Baden, 2003.

–    Co-editor with Fares Sassine, Liban: le siècle en images/Lubnan: al-qarn fi suwar (bilingual Arabic-French), Dar An-Nahar, Beirut, 1999. (Three hardcover eds./Four paperback eds./Trilingual Arabic-French-English ed., 2003)

–    La condition libanaise. Communautés, citoyen, Etat; suivi de: La citoyenneté en pays d’Islam. Dar An-Nahar, Beirut, 1998. (2nd ed. 2001)

–    In collaboration with Ghassan Tuéni and Fares Sassine: Lebanese Independence in Pictures and Documents (in Arabic), Dar An-Nahar, Beirut, 1998. (Three paperback eds./French version, 2002)

–    Beyond Taif. Essays on the State and on Reform (in Arabic), Dar Al-Jadid, Beirut, 1998.

–    Possible Reforms, Needed Reforms: Essays on the Crisis in Lebanon (in Arabic), Mu’assasat Ad-Dirasat Al-Jami’iyat, Beirut, 1989.

–    Mythes et Politiques au Liban. Trois Essais, Fiches du Monde Arabe, Beirut, 1987.

–    Co-editor with Linda Sedaka: The Civil War in Lebanon 1976-76. A Bibliographic Guide (bilingual English-Arabic), American University of Beirut Press, Beirut, 1980, 70Ar – 44En p.


2)   Booklets/Chapters in Books:

–    “Taif’s Dysfunctions and the need for Constitutional Reform” in Youssef Choueiri, Breaking the Cycle: Civil Wars in Lebanon, Stacey International, London, 2007.

--    “Note sur le système confessionnel au Liban” in Abdel-Wahab Bouhdiba (ed.), Mélanges en l’honneur de Dominique Chevallier, Paris-Tunis, 2006, pp. 77-86.

–    “The War in Lebanon: its origins and courses” in Peter Molt and Helga Dickow, Comparing Cultures and Conflicts, Baden-Baden, 2006, pp. 290-299.

–    “The Role of Money in Lebanese Elections” in IDEA (International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance), Electoral Reforms in the Arab World: Case Studies from Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, and Bahrain, Stockholm (in English) and Beirut (Arabic version), 2005, pp.151-156.

–    Co-author with Karim Makdisi, “What Possible Role for the United Nations in Iraq? Preliminary Thoughts in Light of Previous UN Peace Operations in Cambodia, Kosovo, East Timor, and Afghanistan” in Iraq and the Region after the War: Issues of Economic and Social Reconstruction (in Arabic) UN/ESCWA, Beirut, 2004, pp. 275-301.

–    Civil Society in the Arab World: The Historical and Political Dimensions, Islamic Legal Studies Program, Harvard Law School, Occasional Publications, Cambridge, 2002, 27p.

–    “The Lebanese Political Experiment” (in Arabic) in Anis Kassim (ed.), Al-Nizham al-Siyasi al-Arabi wal Dimuqratiyya, The Shuman Foundation, Amman, 2001, pp. 89-97.

–    “Beyond Negotiations…What Future for the Arabs?” (in Arabic), in Ibrahim Al-Ajluni (ed.), Al Waqi’ al- Arabi wa Tahaddiyat Qarn Jadid, The Shuman Foundation, Amman, 1999, pp. 147-157.

–    “Lebanese Foreign Policy in the Cenacle: Idealist Mission, Circumscribed Platform” in The Cenacle Era (in Arabic), Dar An-Nahar, Beirut, 1997, pp. 569-572.

–    “Preface” (in Arabic) to Ghassan Tuéni: Muhadarat fi-l Siyasa wa-l Ma’rifa, Dar An-Nahar, Beirut, 1997, pp. 9-12.

–    “The Independence of the Judiciary between Text and Practice” (in Arabic) in Ab’ad 5, June 1996, pp. 90-94.

–    “La Question de l'Etat dans le Liban Contemporain” in CAIL and CERI: Le Liban à l'Heure des Négotiations de Paix au Proche-Orient (Actes du colloque tenu à  la Fondation Nationale des Sciences Politiques à Paris les 15 et 16 Dec. 1995) 1996, pp. 21-29.  (Reprinted in La condition libanaise. Communautés, citoyen, Etat; suivi de: La citoyenneté en pays d’Islam.)

–    “Individu et citoyen au Liban” in Fadia Kiwan  (ed.): Le Liban Aujourd’hui, C.N.R.S., Paris, 1994, pp.137-150. (Reprinted in La condition libanaise. Communautés, citoyen, Etat; suivi de: La citoyenneté en pays d’Islam.)

–    “Is the Exceptio non adimpleti contractus part of Lex Mercatoria?” Co-author with Philipp D. O'Neill, Jr. in Emmanuel Gaillard (ed.), Transnational Rules in International Commercial Arbitration, International Chamber of Commerce/International Law Association, Paris, 1993, pp. 147-159.

–    “The Institution of the Presidency in the Light of Forthcoming Elections” in N. Shehadi and
B. Harney (eds.), Politics and the Economy in Lebanon, SOAS/CLS, London, 1989, pp. 69-75.

–    Prospects for Lebanon. An Essay on Political Opportunities and Constraints, C.L.S., Oxford, 1987, 21p.

–    "1958: Un Vide Rempli par les Arabes" in Dominique Chevallier (ed.), Renouvellements du Monde Arabe 1952-1982, Armand Colin, Paris, 1987, pp. 65-77.


3)   Articles in Referred Journals:

–    “The emergence of citizenship in Islamdom” in Arab Law Quarterly, Vol. 12, part 2, 1997, pp. 125-147.  (French version reprinted in La condition libanaise. Communautés, citoyen, Etat; suivi de: La citoyenneté en pays d’Islam.)

–    “Between Repatriation and Resettlement: Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon” in Journal of Palestine Studies, Vol. XXIV/1, n° 93, 1994, pp. 18-27.  (French version in Revue d'Etudes Palestiniennes [53] 1, automne 1994; Arabic version in Majallat al-Dirasat al-Falastiniyya,
n° 19, summer 1994; German version in Palästinenser im Libanon, Palästinensische Flüchtlinge und der Friedensprozeß, April 2002)

–    “Les Communautés Religieuses au Liban” in Social Compass, Vol. XXXV, 1988/4, pp. 455-464  (Reprinted in La condition libanaise. Communautés, citoyen, Etat; suivi de: La citoyenneté en pays d’Islam.)

–    “La Guerre Civile au Liban: Lectures dans le miroir des mémoires” in Revue Française de Science Politique, 1980/3. pp. 769-789  (Reprinted in Mythes et Politiques au Liban.Trois Essais.)

–    "Deconfessionalizing the Call for Deconfessionalization” in The Beirut Review 6, Fall 1993, pp. 75-79 (Arabic version in Ab’ad 1, May 1994).


4)   Special Projects:

Co-authored the draft law submitted by the “Special Electoral Law Commission” to the Government of Lebanon in June 2006; drafted the related Report of the Commission; and edited all of its nineteen volumes of annexes.


5)   Doctoral dissertations (Mimeo):

      In Political Science:

–    Conflits et perceptions politiques dans le Liban contemporain, Institut d’études politiques de Paris (Sc. Po.), 1991.

      In History:

–    L’Insurrection de 1958 au Liban, Université de Paris-Sorbonne (Paris IV), 1979.

      (Volume I: Introduction; Volume II: Documents relatifs à la crise politique au Liban de 1956 – 1958; Volume III: Documents relatifs à l'Insurrection de 1958 au Liban, 2 tomes; Volume IV: Entretiens avec les hommes politiques Libanais; Volume V: Chronologie raisonnée de l'Insurrection de 1958 au Liban).

Work History: 


2007                PERMANENT MISSION OF LEBANON TO THE UNITED NATIONS, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Lebanon as of July 5, 2007.

2005-2006       AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF BEIRUT, Chair of the Political Studies and Public Administration Department, Associate Professor of Political Science. (On leave as of February, 2007).     

2003-2005       AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF BEIRUT, Visiting Associate Professor of Political Science.

1992-2003       PRIVATE LAW PRACTICE.

                      AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF BEIRUT, Part-time Lecturer.

1989-1992       EDWARDS & ANGELL, Counselors at Law, Boston, Massachusetts office, Foreign legal consultant.

                      Legal expert witness for ROGERS & WELLS, attorneys for plaintiff in The Republic of Lebanon v. Sotheby's and The Trustee of the Marquess of Northampton Settlement, Sotheby's and the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia case (The Sevso Treasure Case).

1989-1990       HARVARD LAW SCHOOL, Visiting Researcher.

1984-1989       TAKLA LAW OFFICES, Beirut, Associate.

1985-1989       AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF BEIRUT, Lecturer.

1984-1985       SORBONNE UNIVERSITY, Paris, Centre d’histoire de l’Islam contemporain, Chercheur associé.

1981-1982       HARVARD UNIVERSITY, Center for International Affairs, Visiting Scholar.

1979-1981       SORBONNE UNIVERSITY, Paris, Chargé de cours (Lecturer).



Former member and Rapporteur of the Lebanese National Electoral Law Commission entrusted with the task of preparing the draft of a new electoral law for Lebanon (2005-2006). 

Former member of the Lebanese National Commission of UNESCO (2000-2004).

Former member of the Executive Bureau of the Socio-Economic Council of the Republic of Lebanon (1999-2002).

Member of the Board of Trustees of the Joseph and Laure Moghaizel Foundation for Democracy and Human Rights.

Member of the Board of Trustees of the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies (LCPS).


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Welcome to the Permanent Mission of Lebanon to the United Nations

H.E. Mr. Nawaf Salam 
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary 
presents credentials to H.E. Mr. Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary-General 
Friday, July 13, 2007