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Arabesque: Arts of the Arab World

An exhibition that unveil the cultural treasures of the Arab world in this The Kennedy Center. This international festival showcases various cultures of the 22 Arab nations (including the Union of Comoros) that represent the Arabic-speaking world. From the Arabian Gulf to the Levant to North Africa-this region of the world is the birthplace of human civilization and features extraordinary diversity in geography, traditions, landscape, religion, and contemporary aesthetics. In cooperation with the League of Arab States, the three-week festival brings together artists, many of whom are making their U.S. debut, in performances of music, dance, and theater, as well as exhibitions featuring art installations, fashion, a soundscape, cuisine, a marketplace, and much more. Discover the evolution of art forms born from the cradle of human civilization. Experience an amazing breadth of culture that spans both eons and continents
His excellency ambassador Mohamed Toihiri (on the left) being greated by Ann stock Vice President Institutional Affairs
His excellency after being interviewed by Dennis Whole from "This is America" TV show
His excellency ambassador Mohamed Toihiri with his guests at the Kennedy Center