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Statement on the economic, commercial and financial embargo imposed by the United States against Cuba

Wednesday, 01 November 2017
Minister Counsellor João Gimolieca
United Nations General Assembly








NOVEMBER 1, 2017


Mr. President,

First of all, allow me to begin by extending a word of welcome to His Excellency Bruno Rodrigues Parrilla, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba.

The Republic of Angola associates itself with the statements made by Gabon on behalf of the Africa Group and by the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and Ecuador, respectively on behalf of the Non-Aligned Movement, and the Group of 77 and China.

Mr. President,

Angola voted in favor of the resolution A/72/L.2 just adopted by this Assembly because considers the persistence of the unjust and severe economic, commercial and financial embargo unilaterally imposed by the United States against Cuba over 55 years as a retrograde measure which causes damages to the Cuban people.

My country expected that the normalization of the diplomatic relations between both countries would encouraged the American Authorities in taking measures aimed at putting an end to the embargo, within the respect for the Cuban people to freely exercise its right to decide on its political and economic system in order to ensure the sustainable development of the island.   

Mr. President,

The extraterritorial nature of the blockade reflected in the financial persecution against third country banks and in the imposition of new fines on institutions for violating the rules of the US government with regards to Cuba. This causes severe obstacles to the economic, cultural and social development of the island, with a significant negative impact on several sensitive sectors such as the public health services, affecting the well-being of the Cuban people.

In this context, we regret the measures announced by the current Trump’s Administration to impose additional obstacles to the already limited trade opportunities between Cuba and the United States. These measures diminish prospects for the Cuban people to achieve sustainable development.

Mr. President,

Angola reaffirms its commitment to respect, preserve and promote the principles of the UN Charter and the provisions of international law, as they constitute the essence of multilateralism and a collective effort to maintain peace and international security, economic growth and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.

My country recognizes and once again encourages the efforts of the Secretary-General to put an end to the economic, trade and financial embargo imposed by the United States against Cuba.

In this connection, Angola reiterates its unconditional support to the implementation of the recommendations contained in the UN General Assembly resolution 71/5 of 26 October 2016, entitled "Necessity of ending the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States of America against Cuba", and takes this opportunity to appeal once again to the international community to redouble efforts to promote a constructive and transparent dialogue between the two countries, to achieving the objectives set in the relevant resolutions adopted by the UN on the matter.

Mr. President,

The progress achieved in the years 2015 and 2016 has shown that Cuba and the United States can live together in a cordially manner, respecting their differences.

In conclusion, Angola encourages the United States and Cuba to continue building a relationship of dialogue and cooperation based on mutual respect for the benefit of both countries and peoples.

Thank you.