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Security Council Arria Formula on the protection of critical infrastructure in Ukraine

Monday, 21 November 2016
Minister Counsellor João Gimolieca, UNSC Political Coordinator
Security Council



Security Council

Arria Formula on the protection of critical infrastructure in Ukraine

21 November 2016


Mr. Chairman,

We thank Ukraine for organizing this Arria Formula Meeting on the Protection of Critical Infrastructure against terrorist attacks, and for the Concept Note with relevant information on the issue.

We welcome the open remarks by the Permanent Representative of Ukraine, Ambassador Volodymyr Yelchenko; we equally welcome Mr. Sergiy Semochko, Mr. Franck Westfall, and Mr. Scott Aaronson for the presentations on the subject matter.

Terrorism, violent extremism, radicalization, separatism, illegal immigration, and all sorts  of transnational organized crime, such as drug trafficking, human trafficking, traffic of weapons are prominent features in today's world.

These phenomena are in stark contradiction with the paradigm of globalization, with countries coordinating policies through   international and regional arrangements, deepen economic integration also through multinational infrastructural projects, and abolish commercial barriers in the pursuance of a more integrated world.

This is exactly what terrorists aim: disrupt services and infrastructures that are core elements of modern life.

Terrorism, the paradigm of obscurantism, division, fear and hatred potentially affects all countries and regions of the world; terrorists and extremists target indiscriminately political, economic, cultural, educational and social infrastructure, in virtually all countries and regions of the world.

Events that occurred  recently in some countries European and African countries; in the Middle and Far East, are concrete instances on how terrorists and extremists constitute a serious threat to peace, security and stability for these countries and regions.

Every country has the duty and the right to protect its territory and population against terrorists and extremists. Terrorism became a global threat to peace and security, requiring a strategic response by the UN Security Council, by all UN member’s states, and the international community, by joining forces, strengthening cooperation in preventing and mitigating terrorist activities, as well as in improving disaster preparedness, response, and recovery.

I thank you Mr. Chairman.