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The Permanent Mission of Thailand to the United Nations

Mission History: 

Thailand's membership in the United Nations now spans sixty years. since its inception in December 1946, Thailand has made commitment to the UN a main pillar of its foreign policy, reflected over the years in the many active roles it has played in UN-related activities. Whether in preventing conflict, in peacebuilding, in enhancing the economic and social welfare of our societies or in promoting human rights,our cooperation with the United Nations has steadily grown.

Thailand has a proud history with the United Nations, serving as President of the General Assembly in 1956 and as a non-permanent member of the Security Council in 1985-1986. In more recent times, Thailand's active involvement in a number of peacekeeping operations worldwide has garnered praise and appreciation from observers and insiders alike. Thailand is also honoured to host, at present, a total of 25 UN agencies in Bangkok. Among these are the UNESCAP and the recently-established regional centre of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP-RCB), shich together have transformed Thailand into a dynamic centre of developmental activities in the Asia-Pacific region.

 Throughout the flux of recent world history, the work of the United Nations has remained constant and pivotal, aiming always at strengthening peace in a comprehensive way. Thailand considers the United Nations to be indispensable in this global era of relentless conflicts and mounting humanitarian crises. As the scope of these issues continues to grow in complexity and urgency, the increased interdependence of all nations is thrown into ever sharper relief. As a developing nation, Thailand regards the Role of the United nations as integral to the Well-being of al global citizens, especially in attaining the Millennium Development Goals, something towards which all nations must strive in concert.

With a strong conviction in the principles enshrined in the UN Charter and a deep appreciation for the seminal role that the United Nations plays for the benefit of the world's peoples, Thailand stands firm in its commitment to enhance cooperation with the world organization for global peace, and prosperity for all, in the years ahead.

"The 60th Anniversary of Thailand's Membership in the United Nations"


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