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Permanent Mission of Sri Lanka to the UN celebrates Vesak festival

пятница, мая 20, 2016 - 15:00

The Veask festival celebrations of the Permanent Mission of Sri Lanka commenced on the morning of  20th May with a heel dana offered to 35 Buddhist monks representing Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Nepal, India, South Korea and Japan, at the Permanent Mission of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Ambassador Dr. Rohan Perera, his Thai counterpart Ambassador Virachai Plasai, and senior diplomats from Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Bhutan, Nepal and China attended the ceremony and offered heel dana to the Maha Sangha. A number of lay persons, including the staff of these countries were also present. Ven. Heenbunne Kondanna Thero, Chief Incumbent of the Staten Island Buddhist Vihara in New York conducted the religious ceremony. A sermon was delivered by Ven. Kamburawala Shri Rewatha Thero, the Chief Monk of Siam Nikaya Kotte Chapter in Great Britain and Chief Abbot of the Scotland Buddhist Vihara.  A special reference was made on the loss of life caused by the devastating floods and landslides in Sri Lanka, and merit was transferred to the victims of the disaster. 

Some pictures of the event appear below: