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Samoa Passport Application Process

Application for the renewal of your Samoan passport, please ensure that all of the requirements listed below and further enclosed for your ease of reference are thoroughly understood and complied with before sending the requested documentation to the Embassy for onwards transmission to our Immigration Division in Samoa:

1.   A completed copy of the Samoan Passport Application Form (attached as pdf document) to be duly signed by the applicant and notarized by a Notary Officer.

·         Part A requires the seal and signature of the Notary Public just below the applicant’s signature and date;

·         Part B requires the details and signature of a national of Samoa who is an upstanding member of the society in the States and knows the applicant well (e.g. person can be a Minister of the Church)

·         Should applicant not be able to satisfy Part B, then submit a notarized letter explaining why the applicant was unable to do so in lieu of the certification section.

2.   Original of the Samoan expired passport;

3.   Original Samoan Birth Certificate;

4.  The standard fee for passport application is US$220 and the requisite fee for the urgent issuance of a new Samoa passport is US$260***

Kindly note that Fees are payable to the Government of Samoa in Money Order or Certified Cheque (personal cheques are not acceptable) and kindly ensure that the amount is typed unto the money order or certified check and signed by the applicant on the appropriate space for payment to be valid.

5.    Original and/or Notarized copies of any of the documents listed below to confirm the legality of a name change requested by the applicant:

·         Marriage certificate verifying the applicant's use of her husband's married name;

·         Court order of adoption verifying the applicant's use of his or her adopted surname;

·         Matai title certificate verifying the applicant's use of a Matai title; and or,

·         Deed poll or a Certified copy of a Court Order issued by the judge for the change in the applicant's name etc

6.   Two passport photos each (one of which should be notarized by the Notary Officer on the back of the photo);

7.   Notarized clear and coloured copy of your valid U.S. Driver’s license and Green card to be submitted for further verification purposes (You can make a copy of both US IDs on the same page);

8.  Please be sure to send your application documents together with a prepaid return Expressed Postage (e.g.  Fed EX, USPS etc) for the Embassy to mail you the new Samoan passport upon receipt from Samoa;

9.  Mail the requested application documents to the following understated address:
Embassy of Samoa
C/o Permanent Mission of Samoa
To the United Nations
685 Third Avenue, Suite 1102
New York, NY 10017


All Passport applications are approved and processed by the Immigration Division under the Prime Minister’s Department, Apia, Samoa. Please allow sufficient time (8 to 12 weeks) for standard processing and (4 to 6 weeks) for the expedited issuance of the new Samoan passports. All original documents submitted in support of your passport application will be returned together with the new passport upon receipt from Samoa.

Please note that due to the pandemic, the processing times indicated above may be longer. 

***New rates effective 4th November 2021

Application Form available here: PASSPORT FOMS