Menus 10-12

Termination of Service at Permanent/Observer Missions

Permanent Representative

Before relinquishing his/her post, a Permanent Representative/Observer should inform the Secretary-General in writing and, at the same time, communicate the name of the member of the mission who will act as charg d'affaires a.i. pending the arrival of the new Permanent Representative/Observer. It is of special importance to note that a charg d'affaires a.i. cannot appoint himself and can hold this function only after being appointed by the Permanent Representative/ Observer or by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State concerned.

Diplomatic personnel and support staff

            Upon the final departure from the mission of diplomatic personnel, support staff, their families and household employees, either for abroad or for another address in the United States, the mission should submit to the Protocol and Liaison Service a completed copy of the Notification of Final Departure form (SG.8). If the departure is for another address in the United States, it should be so indicated on the form. If a household employee stays on to serve another diplomat or non-diplomat, it should be mentioned accordingly on the S.8 form and he/she reassigned with his/her new employer. When a departing member of a mission is accompanied by his/her family or household employee(s), particulars of every person concerned should be entered on the form.

            Because of their importance, all documents issued to a staff member of the mission and his/her spouse during his/her tenure of office at the mission, namely, United Nations building pass, United Nations parking decal, United States Department of State identification and tax exemption cards issued by the United States authorities, should be surrendered for security reasons to the Protocol and Liaison Service together with the SG.8 form. Licence plates should be returned directly to the appropriate office of the host country and recorded on the SG.8 form.

Household employees

            If a household employee leaves the service of a member of a permanent/observer mission, his/her employer is responsible for ensuring that a completed copy of the SG.8 form is forwarded to the Protocol and Liaison Service. If a household employee intends to remain in the United States, his/her new address should be entered on the form. In case a household employee does not leave the United States together with his/her former employer whose tenure at the mission has ended, and is employed by another member of a permanent/observer mission, such a change of designation should be communicated to the Protocol and Liaison Service in writing, stating the name and position of the new employer and the effective date of employment. A copy of the new contractual agreement should be included.



Accreditation of Delegates 
to Meetings

Arrival and departure

Permanent/observer missions, specialized agencies and associate members of regional commissions are requested to inform the Protocol and Liaison Service about the forthcoming arrival of members of official delegations and/or support staff* who will attend meetings of United Nations organs at Headquarters by filling out an SG.6 form or meetings with Secretariat officials by filling out an SG.37 form. The form must be signed by the head of chancery or the administrative officer and sent together with a covering letter addressed to the Chief of Protocol. The Protocol and Liaison Service will authorize United Nations building pass applications which may be collected after 48 hours and brought to the United Nations Pass and ID Office, UNITAR Building, 45th Street and 1st Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10017, for processing. If the name and photograph of a delegate is already in the computer system of the Pass and ID Office, his/her pass may be collected by a representative of the Mission in the absence of the delegate.

            *A support staff member must also include a copy of a valid passport and visa; alien registration card or US birth certificate.



United Nations Building Passes

A United Nations building pass is required for entry into Headquarters. Passes for all members of permanent/observer missions differ as to their colour symbols and have space provided for a photograph of the bearer.

            In order to obtain a United Nations building pass, the permanent/observer missions are requested to proceed as follows:

Diplomatic personnel

            Applications for building passes for diplomatic personnel of permanent/observer missions and their spouses are authorized by liaison officers of the Protocol and Liaison Service upon receipt of the request for UN building pass form (SG.32). Once the application has been authorized, the diplomat and/or spouse must take the application form in person to the United Nations Pass and ID Office where a photograph will be taken and the pass issued. Passes for diplomatic personnel and their spouses are issued for a period of three years.

Support Staff

            In order to obtain a UN building pass for support staff of permanent/observer missions, a completed typed application form (SG.32) (see sect. V above) must be sent to the Protocol and Liaison Service. Once these requirements are met, the building pass application will be authorized and must be taken in person to the United Nations Pass and ID Office where the pass will be processed. Passes for support staff are issued for two years and must be renewed accordingly.

            Missions that require the service of non-diplomatic staff in restricted areas should make a written request to the Chief of Protocol to that effect, and a special "CONF" pass will be issued.

Lost building passes

            If a pass is lost or stolen, requests for duplicates must be made in writing and addressed to the Chief of Protocol together with an SG.32 form. The applicant with the authorized SG.32 form should proceed to the Special Services Unit (Room S-710) where a special report form must be filled prior to the processing of the UN building duplicate pass.

Renewal of expired building passes

            The renewal of an expired building pass for any member of a permanent/observer mission must be requested in writing by the head of chancery or the administrative officer, mentioning the length of time for which it should be renewed, together with an SG.32 form.

Former Permanent Representatives

            Former Permanent Representatives and their spouses are entitled to a United Nations building pass. Upon a request from the mission to the Chief of Protocol, together with the United Nations building pass form (SG.38), the application will be authorized by the Protocol and Liaison Service.