Representative of the Secretary-General for the investment of the assets of the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund, at the level of Assistant Secretary-General

The Secretariat of the United Nations presents its compliments to the Permanent Missions to the United Nations and has the honour to request the nomination of candidates for the position of representative of the Secretary-General for the investment of the assets of the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund, at the level of Assistant Secretary-General.

            The Assistant Secretary-General reports directly to the Secretary-General. The responsibilities and functions of the Assistant Secretary General as stipulated in the Terms of Reference in the Annex of General Assembly Resolution 68/247 B include:

  • Exercise discretionary authority over the investment of the assets of the Fund and will be responsible for the overall investment policy and for oversight and management of the investments of the Fund.
  • Lead the investment operations in terms of strategy and policy analysis, asset allocation, portfolio management and investment decision-making; risk management and compliance and monitoring; and back office accounting, trade settlement, cash management and systems and information technology requirements.
  • Supervise the Director of Investment Division to ensure that all the operations and functions of the Investment Management Division are properly coordinated and coherent, are aligned to safeguard the fiduciary responsibilities, support the goals of the office and enhance the long-term sustainability of the Fund. The representative of the Secretary-General will work closely with the Chief Executive Officer of the Pension Fund.
  • Responsible for the investment policy, the strategic and tactical asset allocation and the appropriate investment strategy in consultation with the Investments Committee and in the light of observations and suggestions made from time to time by the Pension Board on investments policy. The representative will oversee the implementation of investment decisions and ensure that the approved investment policy and asset allocation are followed. The representative is responsible for carrying out the responsibilities of the Secretary-General under article 19 (b) of the regulations of UNJSPF including to ensure detailed accounts of all investments and other transactions relating to the Fund are maintained and for reporting to the Pension Board, the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions and the General Assembly on the Fund’s investments.

            Further information on the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund is available on the following website:

            In order to ensure a wide pool of candidates for this position, the Secretariat would welcome any nominations to supplement the Secretary-General’s own search and consultations.  The Secretariat would especially welcome nominations of female candidates. 

          In soliciting nominations for this position, the Secretary-General is seeking an individual with:

  • Over 20 years of proven progressively responsible experience in the management of economic, social security and/or financial policies and activities for governmental or intergovernmental organizations or for substantial private concerns, including, proven track record of extensive relevant experience in the management of investment of complex portfolios of assets of various classes, such as pension funds, including their risk management, and in financial markets.
  • Demonstrated direct knowledge of and experience in managing financial, economic and investment policies, including:
  1. Defining and overseeing investment policy for substantial and diversified investment portfolios having long-term return objectives, including policies for investment objectives, risk appetite and tolerance, the risk framework, the investment milieu, restrictions on investments, and social responsibility considerations;
  2. Developing strategic asset allocation for portfolios aiming for long-term rates of return, particularly for defined-benefit pension or other similar long-term social security and similar benefit schemes where long-term asset-liability management considerations are paramount;
  3. Developing, implementing and monitoring investment strategies and overseeing research on economic and other trends affecting financial markets;
  4. Managing interdisciplinary and internationally diverse teams of financial professionals;
  5. Reporting to and coordinating with governing organs (e.g. legislative bodies, boards and committees) on investment, financial and/or technical matters.

          In accordance with the policy for the nomination of candidates, the Secretariat wishes to outline that it is the responsibility of the nominating Government to ensure that each candidate it nominates has not been convicted of, or is not currently under investigation or being prosecuted for, any criminal offence, or any violation of international human rights law or international humanitarian law.  In the case of nominees who have been investigated for, charged with or prosecuted for any criminal offence but were not convicted, the nominating Government is requested to provide information regarding the investigation(s) or prosecutions concerned.  The nominating Government is also requested to certify that it is not aware of any allegations against its nominated candidates that they have been involved, by act or omission, in the commission of any acts that amount to violations of international human rights law or international humanitarian law.

          Individuals who are either nominated by Member States or who seek to serve with the United Nations in any individual capacity will be required, if short‑listed, to complete a self attestation stating that they have not committed, been convicted of, nor prosecuted for, any criminal offence and have not been involved, by act or omission, in the commission of any violation of international human rights law or international humanitarian law.

          All nominations should include the curriculum vitae of the candidates and must be sent to the Secretariat by 30 May 2014. Nominations may also be sent to:

          The Secretariat of the United Nations takes this opportunity of reiterating to the Permanent Missions to the United Nations the assurances of its highest consideration.

Annex - Terms of reference of the representative of the Secretary‑General (Assistant Secretary-General) for the investment of the assets of the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund