ICT Related Services

The Office of Information and Communications Technology provides the following computer-related services to delegations:

  1. e-mail — OICT provides Permanent Missions with UN e-mail accounts as requested. 
  2. Websites— OICT hosts websites for Permanent Missions and provides (in partnership with DPI) access to a Member States Portal or “DeleGATE: iSeek for Member States” that consolidates all information relevant to delegates in New York. ( www.un.int )
  3. Access to the UN Official Document System (ODS) — The ODS is available publically, Additional information and training can be obtained through the Dag Hammarskjold Library (DHL).
  4. Donation of equipment — OICT donates UN desktop computer replacement programme to interested Missions.
  5. Help Desk support — OICT provides a telephone number (212) 963-3333 for technical support from 9.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. on normal UN workdays.
  6. Computers in the Secretariat Building with Internet access — OICT provides computersin the Delegates’ Lounge and in the FirstBasement with internet access for the exclusive use of UN delegates.
  7. Wireless Internet access — OICT provides wireless Internet access in public areas and conference rooms throughout the Secretariat building. 

For more information on the services listed above, please contact the Missions Support Help Desk at (212) 963-3333 or by e-mail at missions-support@un.int.

Telecommunication Services


M ain Number:

  • The main number for the United Nations is 212-963-1234. An operator responds to the main listed number during working days between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM. Calls are transferred to Security at all other times. In both cases, outside callers are transferred to the person or extension requested.


  • The operator in the UN Secretariat can be reached by dialing "0" from Secretariat extensions. The operator will then connect the call to the required person or extension.

UN Staff and Services:

  • United Nations Secretariat staff and services are listed under numbers that begin with 212-963-XXXX or 917-367-XXXX. If a caller is within the UN Secretariat buildings they can reach the same person/service by dialing the last 5 digits of the number (e.g. 3-XXXX or 7-XXXX respectively).
  • Note that extensions for Funds and Programmes differ from the UN Secretariat and are available as follows:

    UNDP:   Dial access code "4", and then dial the four digit extension in UNDP. 
    UNICEF: Dial access code "5", and then dial the four digit extension in UNICEF. 
    UNFPA:  Dial access code "63", and then dial "1" followed by the four digit extension in UNFPA.


  • To reach the Delegates' Lounge Information Desk dial: 212- 963-8902 or 212-963-8741.
  • Incoming calls to the Delegates' Lounge are answered by the Information Desk and delegates are paged on the loudspeaker system.
  • Delegates can also make local calls using booths or telephones located in the Delegates' Lounge by first dialing "9" and then the ten-digit telephone number.