On World TV Day, UNTV will reveal more!

Monday, 21 November 2016

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Since 1947, teams of broadcast professionals at UN Television have been covering major news events and sharing people's stories from around the world on global TV networks. Reaching audiences in the millions, UNTV brings the UN's priority issues and events to people's homes, both entertaining and informing audiences, contributing to the creation of a better, more equitable world for all.  As well as covering events at UN Headquarters in New York, UNTV producers travel the globe, and commission stories by local producers, giving a voice to the voiceless and covering the world's often forgotten stories. From the jungles of Bolivia to IDP camps in South Sudan; from South Korea to Detroit; from India to Italy - UNTV producers put a human face to global issues - from human rights to climate change; disaster prevention to maternal health; refugees and migrants to peace and security. 

UN Television has won numerous awards: an Oscar for a short documentary on children with disabilities; an Emmy nomination for a documentary on Cambodia's genocide trials; a human rights award for a profile of an act of courage in South Sudan; a prize for an animated feature on the environment that imagines an edible planet.

For more information, check out our products on the video landing page and view our multilingual broadcast documentary series "21st Century", "UN In Action" and web-based "UN Stories",  Also visit our daily news package service UNIFEED and our 24-hour coverage on UN Webcast.

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