Women Signal Officers: A portrait of Moktan Shichan

Friday, 12 May 2017

Worldwide | DPKO/DFS

Women in the military play an important role in peace operations. To empower women who serve as military and police signals, the UN Signals Academy in the UN Regional Service Centre at Entebbe established a programme – Women’s Outreach Course. This series looks at the experiences of women Signal Officers.

A portrait of Moktan Shichan (Nepal)

I am currently working as a Signals Officer in my battalion, maintaining communications between rear headquarters and forward companies.

I have experience being deployed as a platoon commander during the earthquake in our country, Nepal, in 2015. I have also participated in the Multinational Communications Interoperability Programme training on satellite communication in support of humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations.

These experiences made me realize how meaningful and rewarding the job can be, and provided me with exposure working in a multilateral setting. It made me see our job as military personnel from a different perspective, not only serving our nation and people, but contributing to peace and security on a broader scale. 

The Women’s Outreach Course has helped me gain confidence and be prepared today for tomorrow. I had the opportunity to get hands-on practice on advanced technology and I can take this knowledge back home. Sharing experiences with women signals from diverse backgrounds made me also realize the potential of women when given equal opportunities. 

I have not had the chance to participate in a UN peacekeeping mission yet, but I feel excited about the idea and I am ready for it.

These strong ladies, who have served in peacekeeping operations in harsh environments, living apart from their families and children, inspire me to one day also embark on the journey to be part of the UN.

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