Women Signal Officers: A portrait of Marion Natuhwera

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

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Women in the military play an important role in peace operations. To empower women who serve as military and police signals, the UN Signals Academy in the UN Regional Service Centre at Entebbe established a programme – Women’s Outreach Course. This series looks at the experiences of women Signal Officers in peacekeeping.

A portrait of Marion Natuhwera (Uganda)

After serving for five years in the Department of Communications and Information Technology of the Uganda People’s Defence Forces, I was deployed to the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) in July 2016, where I am currently serving for one year as a data and radio operator.

The experience in the mission has boosted my confidence to work in challenging environments with limited supervision. I enjoy being given the responsibility to handle a very critical and sensitive dimension of operations.

The Women’s Outreach Course is directly relevant to my current work in AMISOM. It has enhanced my knowledge of and skills with some types of UN-owned equipment that I was not familiar with, which I will be able to share with my co-workers.

Interacting and sharing experiences with other course participants made me realize that, in some countries, it can be challenging for women signals to be selected and deployed to peacekeeping missions and that the course can help make this happen. 

I also feel particularly proud that the Women’s Outreach Course is being hosted in my home country of Uganda.

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