Ways to enjoy the outdoors during COVID-19

Monday, 17 August 2020

New York | Department of Global Communications (DGC)

Staying at home these past few months has been a significant change for us all-- to say the least. Now that summer 2020 is in full swing in New York, it’s hard to ignore how different everything is compared to previous summers.

Wherever you may be, there are many ways to enjoy the weather. The UN Bookshop has launched online sales of SDG gifts just in time to make your physically distanced outings a little more enjoyable.

Here are some tips on some ways to get outdoors while staying safe:

  1. Although we can’t hold large cookouts at our houses, we can still catch up and enjoy time with our friends by having a picnic in the park. The UN tote bag is a perfect accessory to carry all your picnic essentials.

  2. If you’re feeling adventurous enough for a hike, stay hydrated with the SDG S’well bottle, while avoiding other hikers and keeping a mask on around large groups.

  3. Designate days for different activities so you have something to look forward to each week. For example, Thursday could be football day. Your family can go out to the park to have a quick game with the SDG soccer ball to get active and support Goal 3: Good Health and Well-being. 

  4. Don’t forget to take the time that you spend alone to reflect on the world, as well as your own personal situation. How is everyone in your community holding up? How are you feeling? Jot down these thoughts with the SDG notebook and pen. Journaling outdoors is a great way to gather and synthesize your thoughts during this hard, and sometimes isolating, period. 

  5. When you’re out and about, pop-sockets make it easier to have your phone by your side. Whether you want to snap a selfie or scroll through social media during your outing, pop-sockets help prevent your phone from slipping out of your hands. 

We hope these ideas encourage you to find ways to make outdoor activities a bit more fun during these unprecedented times!

All of the SDG gifts are available now at the UN Bookshop online and ship globally.