UNMUM: A collaboration between UN and Member States

Monday, 22 December 2014

DPKO | Office of Military Affairs

DPKO-DFS in collaboration with 40 Member States and field missions are developing 11 United Nations military manuals to standardize military contributions to peacekeeping operations. The project, called United Nations Military Units Manuals (UNMUM), kick started officially in November 2013 by the Office of Military Affairs.

The 11 manuals reflect deployment procedures for 11 various military units which are routinely deployed in peacekeeping operations, such as Special Forces, Signals, Maritime, Aviation, Logistics, Engineers, Military Police, Reconnaissance. This project used unique methodology and brought together expertise from around the world. Eleven international working groups were formed with Member State experts and UN staff from DPKO, DFS and field mission representatives to develop one manual each. In total, 40 nations with more than 200 experts worked on this project provided with a common electronic platform, Share Point, which was effectively used for initial drafting work and coordination. Subsequently, 20 international workshops were conducted in various countries, the world over, where experts discussed and finalized drafts face to face.

This huge project has now completed its first major phase, the drafting of 11 manuals in less than a year. To acknowledge this tremendous effort, DPKO/OMA organized a conference in the UN Secretariat on 2 December 2014. This was attended by more than 50 representatives from different nations who were briefed by the Project Team and all the Chairs of the Working Groups. The project is currently in a consultation process and will be finalized during 2015. After approval of these manuals by USGs DPKO and DFS, Office of Military Affairs/Policy and Doctrine Team, the implementation plan will commence. Effective implementation is the key to success of any project. The team is already working in collaboration with the Member States to carry this out.